scimitarsmile (scimitarsmile) wrote in fm_alchemist,

coding, coding...done now.

Just redesigned the site so it's easier to add more authors and artists. If you've got a page bookmarked, most should still work, although I did move some of the resources pages around to be better organized (on my end). Feel free to wander through and let me know if there are any broken links or funky graphics or layouts, though I think I caught everything...I hope so, at least.

Big update coming next, because I haven't coded any of the newer stories in the past day or two; been too busy working on my own fiction. Should hopefully have the update done by this evening, barring any natural disasters. If you're an archived artist or author and I've missed something you've done in the past five days, remind me.

(Unless, of course, your story or art has spoilers for ep26, in which case I've probably skipped it until next Tuesday, when I'll get to see the episode and won't be spoiled. If you really want your story up faster, but it's got spoilers, I've got up directions for how you can help me out. If you click on 'admin' in the menu, then on 'archiving tips', there's now a text file to download that has steps for how I code every story. Follow those steps, send me the attached text file - be sure to warn me first! - and then I can post it without actually reading the story. And even if you don't have spoilers but still want to help, pre-coding for me is always appreciated.)

- Sol
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