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[fic] Hidden

Title: Hidden
Author: kaltia
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Up to episode 42, from there AU.
Notes: This fic is part of the group of linked fanfic known as 'prison!fic'. Prisonfic was spawned from a fic by mikkeneko named 'In Living Memory', and has been continued by vikki, cryogenia, and myself. The collection is completely gen (enough subtext to drown something in, though) and rated overall NC-17. The rest of it can be found here:

  • Adult
  • In Living Memory

    Unforgiveness Arc (before)

  • Stolen
  • Fight Club
  • Not Alone
  • Relief
  • Power Play
  • A Day in the Life
  • Bad Dream
  • Aftermath
  • Consent and Consequences part i and part ii
  • Composition
  • Visitation Rights, part i and part ii
  • Dreamed Time
  • Sidestory: Mustang
  • At the Gates
  • First Day


  • A History of Violence chapter one.
  • A History of Violence chapter two.
  • Interlude
  • A History of Violence chapter three
  • A History of Violence chapter four
  • Sidestory: To Call Me Mellow (f-locked, damn her)


  • Roy
  • Alphonse

    My own contribution to the arc is this fic, Hidden:

    ( It's cold outside, the rain still light, and the wind sets the leaves of Al's plants waving. )

    We hope you enjoy! ♥
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