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FanFiction WIP

Title: The Things Said About Him
Rating: PG - For now
Warnings: This is a Work in Progress. I am simply looking for feedback so I can continue :3
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, and sadly, I never will. FMA was created by the wonderful Hiromu Arukawa-sensei, and shall always be truly hers.
Pairings: Roy x Ed

When it came down to writing the simplest of words about a person that bothered him the most. He found him-self simply recalling all the past occurrences they’ve met under and all the things they could remember. Scratching the inked pen against paper’s once smooth surface he wrote;

God Complex
Foul Mouthed Brat
Waste of Time and Money
Penny pincher
The one who will end up sending me to an early grave.
Only thinks of himself.

Though he wrote these things the next question that faced him allowed him to calm down. Making a face he calmly read to him-self, ‘Despite the negatives state something positive about this person’. Sighing softly the pen reached the papers surface to scribble in;

I love him for being the way he is.

Roy Mustang left the anger management office sharply at 10 minutes to 11 AM. His paper work filled out he calmly glanced around after straightening out his shirt collar. His dark eyes noticed the hulking suit of armor that sat on the stairs towards one side. A pigeon sat on the armor cooing at the eye sockets that vacantly looked back at it. Smirking to himself he knew who else was inside the offices that day but simply said nothing spotting Hawkeye dutifully awaiting him with his car.

Grumbling of the stupidity of the questions Edward Elric left the same offices at least 10 minutes after 11 AM. He virtually stomped down the steps towards his brother. His hands thrust deeply into the pockets of his bright red coat, and a dark scowl covered his face. Lightly using his right arm he punched the armors shoulder and snorted, “Come on Al this was a waste of time… let’s go get something to eat…”

Alphonse or Al for short looked up from where he was sitting and carefully got to his feet, “So… Niisan what happened in there?”

“They wanted to talk to me about my anger issues with Taisa…”

“Well I guess that’s a good thing you always seem to upset to see him…” the armor replied looking around then followed after his shorter, older brother.

Edward scoffed a bit then rolled his eyes, “I am not always upset to see him! But he doesn’t have to act like a jerk every time we meet!” Growing angrier, the young Alchemist waved his auto mailed fist in the air rapidly. “I swear the next time he looks at me with a pompous smirk on his face I’m going to hit him!”

‘… Oh Ed… you always say that but you never actually do….’ Alphonse sighed to himself then shook his head slowly. “So Ed where to do you want to go eat?”

“Eh… Doesn’t matter.” he grumbled then rubbed the side of his head while calming down.



Edward’s left eye twitched in annoyance hearing the casually suave voice float over from near the large window. Inwardly he knew the next words would be somewhere along the line of a short joke or some comment about spending money to fund a wild goose chase. His whole body tensed like a cat ready to pounce with a snappy come back for the older mans normally condescending words.

“… Tell me do you have any plans for later?” Roy asked casually, while glancing over his shoulder as if had asked the youngest State Alchemist for the time of day or to pass him a pen.

Well that definitely took him by surprise as he sat there blinking him, “…uh… well… not really…” He continued to blink feeling his face grow warm then looked down at his gloved hands as they fiddled with one another over his lap. “What kind of a question is that anyways?”

Roy smirked slightly watching the embarrassment grow across Ed’s features. The colonel leaned against his desk and slightly shrugged, “I can’t invite you out to dinner for once in your life? After all we have so much catching up to do…”

“Fine… when should I meet you….” he gruffly replied and pouted highly child like. Once the Colonel told him where to meet at he promptly left the office and trotted to the Inn to tell Alphonse. It wasn’t as if his younger brother had to eat, so inwardly he knew that he was going to be sitting, alone having dinner with the most hated man next to his father tonight.

The place of Roy’s choosing wasn’t a complete dive, nor was it ultra fancy. Edward tilted his head slightly and studied the exterior of the building and it’s almost French sounding name. ‘Taisa… what in hell are you thinking asking to meet at a place like this…’ Ed thought to himself frowning, but was soon interrupted by the gloved hand that gently wrapped itself over his non-auto-mailed shoulder. Looking up he noticed the suave smirk that gave him goose bumps, not to mention a sick to his stomach feeling, completely within his visual range.

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting Fullmetal,” Roy replied casually without care if he had or not. The much smaller alchemist noticed the tone in his voice and his eye twitched in annoyance. Grumbling to himself without much notice or care by Mustang the pair made their way inside.

After a rather short wait the two state Alchemists where lead towards the seating away from the windows in what looked to Ed like the perfect place for a romantic evening. The inside of he eating establishment wasn’t as bad as the outside very relaxing and home-like, the type of place you wanted things to be if you where out on a special night. Ed noticed they reached the table when he saw Roy remove his trademark gloves and long black coat. As the younger Alchemist was about to remove his trademark coat he paused and stared at the seat in front of him.

“WHO-DO-YOU-THINK-IS-SO-SHORT-THAT-THEY-NEED-A-KIDDIE-BOOSTER-SEAT!?!?!?!” he screeched while throwing his hands in the air and basically hoped up and down looking for someone to start punching into the ground.


::bows and waits for feedback::
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