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Unfinished FMA fic

I haven't finished this, so it is very rough. So, how do I finish it? Anythoughts? I just wanted a Angst/fluff fic, but I don't know where it is going....

I'm need advice, can anyone help? What should I do next? Remember, this is rough, it hasn't been beta read and I need to edit for grammer and will when I finish it. I am more interested in character stuff.

FMA Au Fic Ragtime
Warning: Movie Spoilers

To be honest, I’m rather twitchy about post movie stuff, so I’m tossing it all out. Some how, Ed and Al find their way home, after a hell of an ordeal in the real world.
Summery: Al and Ed introduce Winry to some Rag Time…
Characters: Al, Ed, and Winry
Pairings? Read into it if you want, they write themselves…


They had been home 24 hours.

The boy stared out the window, large eyes blinking at the snow drifting down from the sky. There was nothing like winter in Rizenbol, the trees wore a crystal coating of ice, that was finely powdered by delicate white flakes. Snowy fields stretched out as far as the eye could see. It was peaceful. Unlike the dirty-stinking streets of Munich in the 1920s.

Was it real?

He glanced across the room at Edward, who was nestled down under blankets. The blond Alchemist was snoring.

Would he wake up and realize Munich and rescuing Edward as a fantasy cooked up by his imagination? Or perhaps they were still prisoners in the nightmarish world on the other side of the gate.

Yet here he was, sitting in the Rockbell guest room, starting out at snowflakes drifting down from the brisk February sky. Alphonse Elric wrapped his arms about himself and hung his head low. What would Winry think if she knew how frightened he was?
Or how frightened he had been.

In the other world, he was no more than a 13 year old boy.

A gentle knock gratefully turned his attention to the door. Pulling on a button up shirt he padded across the room to open the door a crack. Winry blinked back at him cornflower blue eyes filled with concern. Perhaps she too worried they’d just up and disappear on her.

Not that he blamed her. They did it enough in the past.

“It’s ok, Winry.” Al called. “We’re still here, I’ll be out in a moment.”

Holding her pink bathroom closed with one hand, Winry wiped tears from her eyes. “It’s not like that Al.” She stammered. “I was worried.”

“He’s sleeping, but I think he’ll be fine now. Now that we are home.” He offered her a hesitant smile and touched the back of her hand. “I’ll see you in a bit…” A moment later, he closed the door, and cursed the gateway for being trapped in a 13 year old body.

Edward sauntered down for breakfast shortly after they had started. He was dressed in a heavy wool sweater, shirt, and his slacks, reminding Alphonse of the clothes they wore in the other world. His hair was down over his shoulders framing his pale face, but in general, he looked happier than Alphonse had seen him in months.

Auntie Pinako prepared a plate for him, and for the first time in years, they shared breakfast together.

Downing eggs, bacon and biscuits. Alphonse watched in silence as his brother and Winrry as they stiffly engaged in stilted conversation. It was so tense, neither one of them seemed to get anywhere in the discussion save for the week’s weather forecast. A cloud hung over the little table, reminding Alphonse of the dreariest days in Munich.

Granny Pinako smiled at him, trying to get tot he point.. “Well me might as well get this out and over with before anymore feelings get hurt.”

It was the question they dreaded the most.

But undeniably the cause of the tension. Al shifted and glanced to his brother who looked down, features lost. He braced him self for the words he knew were inevitable to come.

“Do you boys plan on just passing thought, or are you going to stay for a while?”

Winry gripped her napkin, twirling it into a twisted lump. “You’ll always havea home here. “ She said softly.

Across the table, Edward’s shoulders slumped. He looked tired. “I…”

“We have no reason to leave.” Alphonse quickly said aware his brother would never allow them to settle down if he had a choice. He picked up his plate and carried it tot he kitchen sink. Out of the corner of his eye, he spied Edward. The young man’s brow was furrowed, frustration and lost flickering in his gaze. “Do we brother?”

“I’m still a State Alchemist.” Edward said flatly. “We have to return to central.”

“Central is better than Munich.” Winry placed the napkin down and wiped her eyes. Tears streamed down her face as she blinked at the window over the kitchen sink. “They’ think you are gone, Edward. Why can’t you just say nothing and stay?”

Alphonse froze, looking down. Because his brother was too proud to just let things go. In truth, Edward had it in his mind they had no home, as a result he’d reject any chance of having one, just to follow this stubborn path he placed them on. Why? Al had asked himself this many times in Munich, and came to one conclusion. To Edward, homes hurt. Homes meant you had to stay in one place and be responsible for the feelings of others. It was easier to run, and not care.

But Al was sick of the running. They had run to long and he desired a place to live, with family and people he could rely on. They had no reason to run anymore. They had their bodies, and they were back in Rizenbool. But how could he say this to Edward? “Brother, w e have friends there, they can help you retire. They’d understand. You haven’t been well of late and you’ve served your time in the military. Then we could set up a Alchemy shop here, and serve the people that way.”

Puffing on her long pipe, Granny Pinako collected the other plates and joined him at the sink. “Well, there isn’t an Alchemy shop in town. It would make life here more interesting if there was.”

Edward leaned back in his chair, his brow knit. “Why the hell would we ant to do that? There is nothing here, no libraries, no notable universities, no one who understands what we do. We can help people more by going to them…”

“As a dog of the military?” Pinako side glanced him, annoyance in her gaze.

Winry heaved a breath, hurt flickering in her gaze. “Believe it or not, the people of Rizenbol might be in need of an Alchemist.”

Alphonse sighed. This was not the direction he wanted to take the conversation. In fact, he didn’t want to argue with his brother at all. He didn’t want to choose between Edward and a home. But ultimately Edward would force him to make a decision. “We have contacts in Central, if we need books, and libraries they will make arrangements for us to order or barrow them.” He took the plates from Pinako and started to wash them. He didn’t need to, but it was the least he could do since they went out of their way to take them in.

Edward came to a stand, hands curling around the table’s edge. “It’s inconvenient.”

“You mean we’re inconvenient. I think you have far to much of your father in you, Edward Elric.” Winry dropped her napkin on the table and stood up, She grabbed the butter, and milk and carried them to the icebox. “I can’t believe this. You’ve been a way from us for more than two years, and you’re already planning on running off again.”

“”I have responsibilities!” Edward snapped. He turned away, and strutted over to the couch against the wall and plopped into it. “I have no desire to live out in the middle of nowhere looking at the clouds and fixing old ladies vases for the rest of my life!”

“IS that what you think living here means?” Winry slammed the door to the icebox and stalked across to Edward. She placed her hands on her hips, fury glinting in her bright blue eyes. “Do you really think so little of us?”

“I think both of you should stop!” Turning, Pinako waved her pipe at Edward and Winry, annoyed she folded her arms, aged features wrinkled with disapproval.

Edward went to reply, when Alphonse quickly interrupted. “Hey Winry, we brought back a really neat machine from the other world! How would you like to see it?” He quickly handed auntie Pinako his sponge and darted across the room to an old cardboard box, near the door.

Lifting it up, he carried it over to the table and dropped it on the wooden surface.

“Really Winry, I think you’ll like it!” Announced Alphonse as dug though a battered cardboard box and pulled out a leather case. He plopped it on to the kitchen table and flipped it open. There was a turntable and a blue velvet interior. A needle was hooked into a slot next to the table, as was a metal bar with a handle.

Winry abandoned Edward and joined him face skeptical. She studied the object with distracted interest. “It’s a machine?” She leaned over, finer touching the interior. Suddenly fascination shone in her eyes. “Let me guess, “ She pointed to the bar. “That’s a crank, and clockwork gears run it all? Al, I’ve heard about these in the city. It’s a victrola, isn’t it?”

The boy nodded, as he pulled a record from the pocket sealed in the lid of the device. “Except it’s more modern. They call this model is a phonograph. It uses these plates instead of cylinders, they call them records and they’re made of a kind of acrylic. Plastic, Wunry. The world of technology had some wonderful things!” The boy carefully placed the record on to the turntable and lifted the crank out of its cubby. He carefully inserted it into a hole on the side of the case and cranked it. “I’m glad to be home.” He said to the young woman, smiling. “There were so many amazing things I wanted you to see.”

Edward leaned, elbows on his knees, “You would have loved it there, Winry.” He looked up, long hair slipping into his golden eyes. “So many machines.”

Alphonse gave a heartfelt laugh. “You would have been very amused. Edward was trying to understand how they worked. He had to use some wonderful things like electric generators and machines that produced radio waves to do research! Science there uses machines, unlike Alchemy here.”

Winry placed a hand on her hip, bright eyes wide with amazement. “Really? So I guess you learned how to appreciate good mechanics eh?”

Scratching his head, Edward nodded. “Heh, I really missed Alchemy.”
“He often complained that he knew you’d understand this stuff far more than he did… If you were there, Winry, I bet you and Edward would have been an awesome team.”

Edward blanched, face turning crimson.

A smile twitching across her delicate lips, Winry glanced back to him. “Really?”

“Sighing, the alchemist nodded. “Really. Life there would have been more tolerable.”

Alphonse carefully placed the needle on to the record. The swift perky beat of ragtime Jazz filled the room, and Alphonse stepped away from the victrola, and grabbed Winry’s hand. “It’s called ragtime, it’s very popular!”

The girl blinked not sure what to do.

Across the room Pinako chuckled, she tapped a foot. “Has a lot of pep to it. Dancing Music, Winry.”

Alponse lifted his hand, and gave a gentle twist of his wrist, spinning Winry where she stood. “It’s called the Chareston!”

“I have two left feet!” Winry sputtered awkwardly. She stumbled a little, feet not quite matching her feet to the music. “I can’t dance!”

Edward leaned into his chair, face softening. Fondness sparkled in his eyes. “That is because you are a tech-geek!”

Pinako took a long drag on her pipe. “I’d like to see you try.”

Prancing in place, Alphonse guided Winry across the room, helping her to find the rhythm to the music. “Edward has two left feet too!” Alphonse teased his brother, he looked at Winry as she struggled to keep up with his bopping. He held her hands, swinging her arms and spinning her body in circles.

“Tech Geek, eh, Elric?” Winry said, meeting Edward’s gaze. She squeaked as Al dipped her, nose nearly touching hers as he leaned his face close.

“You’re doing well, Winry!”

“Really?” Her voice trembled slightly. “Its kind of fun. You should try it, Granny! I think Ed needs a partner.”

Edward groaned. “Swell.”

Pinako extended a hand, eyes flashing wickedly. “Well Ed? Are you man enough to take an old lady for a spin?”

Gritting teeth, Ed waved a hand. “Ahh, dancing doesn’t make you a man.”

“Guess not then….” Pinako smirked. “Guess that means I’ll have to invite Armstrrong over to get my self a decent partner…. I’m sure it’s a family tradition….”

“No, no, no,no, no” Edward abruptly grabbed her hand and stood. “We don’t need him here.” He stared down at her, brow furrowing. “Problem is, your kind of short.”

“Pot calling the kettle black.” Pinako announced. She spun him so hard he teetered. “I thought you martial artist’s were light on your feet?”

Catching himself, Ed bounced back, balancing himself so he could shift the lead to himself rather than Pinako. “What, am I too much for you old-woman?”

“A pipsqueak like you, too much for me?” Pinako announced playfully. “I’ll lead, you need someone who’s got experience with his dancing business.” She swung her arms, taking control of the rhythm, and dipped a startled Edward.

This went on for several minutes until finally the music stopped.

Laughing, Winry cranked up the victrola and set the record spinning again and returned to Al. “
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