~Malice~ (riku_kabane) wrote in fm_alchemist,


This is my FIRST EVER fic/drabble, please go easy.

Title: Sunset Tears
Character: Roy Mustang
Rating: G/PG? (A gun, and mention of alcohol.)
Spoilers: Maes Hughes stuff.
Description: A depressed Roy wollowing in sadness...
Words: 207
Feedback: Please. Critique welcome.
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA. Or any of the herein mentioned characters.

The sun crept across the floorboards like a spreading plague, the enormous tower outside in the distance tolled four in the afternoon but it felt like a day passed as each bell rang.

Roy Mustang sat at his desk slouching over unfinished paperwork that looked as if it were going to form dust soon enough. His wrinkled uniform felt like a cage twisting around his body but somehow he could not pull it off. His gaze drifted to the mess of pictures that lie scattered on the floor. It’d been a week since the death of Maes Hughes. On the outside and to others he’d seemed, well, unaffected but recently he’d been calling in sick. And not even news of the Elric brothers seemed to cause him irritation lately.

Then his eyes slowly drifted to the gun on his desk and the ignition cloth glove next to it, this was a sight he pried his eyes from. He was torn, that much could be said easily. But he was Roy Mustang, and would not let his troubles stop him from reaching the top, not even then, would he worry about these petty things. His hand reached across the table and he poured himself another glass of scotch…
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