Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Help finding pictures? End of Series Lyra

Okay, since the pictures I want are from episode 49 and 50 if I recall correct, all you watching FMA through the dub be it on TV or DVD, consider this your spoiler warning of pictures this post might get in reply.

I'm looking good reference pictures of Lyra!Dante's dress at teh end of the show. THe magenta-pink deal with teh ruffles and such. The ball gown. Can people help me? I want to cosplay it, and the pictures I have on hand are only really head shots.

I wish I had the Complete Book: Materials Side, instead of just the Story Side one... it might have helped me better...

Thanks it advance! If I can discover better sewing skills or get help as well, I hope to have this dress for Anime Central. Wee~~~

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