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Episode 27

This episode was fun, yes'm!!

Not much happens in this episode. Lots of Izumi Curtis fun!!

I'm gonna sum up this episode in li'l parts 'cause it wasn't so exciting anf I'm very tired.

- Ed tries to escape outta hotel window; fails.
- Roy beats an old dude at chess.
- Back in Rosenbull, there was a great storm. The town was starting to flood. The Elric Kyoudai went off to help everyone with Alchemy. They failed. ENTER IZUMI CURTIS. She uses alchemy without a transmutation circle.
- The two brothers ask for Izumi to be their sensei. She declines, then accepts it.
- They go off to train with her in Dublin.
-- Back to the present. --
- Roy calls everyone together to discuss whether they are coming with him or not.
- Ed and Al try to escape off the train to Dublin out of fear of their sensei; they, of course, fail.
- They get to Dublin with Winry.
- A little girl's (Manny?) kitty is attacked by a dog.
- The cat gaven birth to kittens.
- Cat dies from the dog attack.
- The li'l girl asks Izumi-sama to revive her kitty; Izumi says she is not God and stuff.
- Ed finally tells Izumi-sama why he has auto-mail and why Al is a soul.
- Izumi-sama beats the CRAP outta 'em (it was funny, and sad).
- Izumi-sama then hugs the kyoudai.

End of episode. o.o;;

Episode 28 goes into the end of volume 5/ beginning of volume 6 a bit; I hope the anime doesn't go too far away from the manga.


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