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FMA/ Firefly chapter 2

Rose lifted the delicate tea cup to her lips and took a sip. She smiled at the soft, smooth taste. Her shuttle was quiet and it was actually nice to have some peace, since the usual banter of Roy and Ed echoed through out the ship. Hohenhiem, the most mysterious of all passengers of their motley crew suggested to council the two. Roy and Ed declined, their mood out of place at the offer. Rose couldn't help but wonder if there was a certain attraction between the captain and doctor. Then again, it could just be opposite's butting heads.

In another part of the ship Winry sighed, fixing Ed's automail arm.

"You need to be more careful with it Ed. If you break it too much I won't have the supplies to fix it." Ed nodded and looked away, just as equally frustrated as the mechanic.

"Damn smug bastard thinks he can tease me about my height and get away with it. I should've hit him harder then I did."


A wrench connected with the blonde doctor's head.

"Ow...What was that for?"

" I just told you you shouldn't use your arm so-"

A loud scream echoed through the ship. Ed and Winry looked at eachother then bolted to where it came from. In the cargo area Havoc held a gun infront of him and a slightly chubby boy, a year younger then Ed brandishing a knife, one of Havoc's like a mad man.

"Al what are you doing?!" Yelled Ed, trying to get near his younger brother. Al, not recognising Ed lashed out. By now the entire crew had comeout to see what the commotion was all about.

"Al...Let go of the knife..." Replied Rose calmly. Al did respond and tried to find a way to avoid Havoc's gun to slash him. He would've succeeded to if not for the booming command. Al collapsed into a heap on the grated floor, unconcious.

Ed rushed over to his fallen sibling and checked for vital signs. He was okay. Confused he looked up to see who had given the command. He didn't have to look hard, for all crew members were staring at Hohenhiem.

"How did you know that?" Ed whispered tensely.

Hohenhiem walked down the stairs from the upper deck and stared at Ed calmly.

"The same way you do." He smiled a bit, rummaging through his pocket. "I'm amazed you've forgotten me...But I guess so. I've been away for a long time."

Ed narrowed his golden eyes. "What the hell are you talking about?"

The only response he got was a pocket watch thrown in his direction. He caught it, eyed the priest suspiciously and opened it. His expression went blank, to complete shock.

"Now I remember you....." Muttered Ed. He hurled the pocket watch back at the priest and charged him, jumping up and lashing out with a punch.

Hohenhiem easily blocked the blow as well as the others that followed. His expression was emotionless and calm.

"You bastard! You knew about this didn't you?! About what had happened to Al. How we were seperated to different schools! You knew everything that happened! How could you! You're our father dammit!"

The priest let his gaurd down purposely, allowing the hard punch to his face. He deserved it. He deserved all of the blows.

Ed breathed heavily, now shaking with anger and tears threatening to fall from his eyes. Hohenhiem laied on the metal floor, silent and calm.

"Okay....Would anyone mind telling what the hell is going on?" Asked Roy, arms crossed. "Priest?....Ed?"

Hohenhiem sat up and removed his glasses. He sighed deeply.

"It's as Edward said. I am his father. More likely Ed and Al's father..."

Roy stood there, his expression serious.

"Father? But..You're a priest. You said you never married."

"It's a long story..." The priest muttered, looking down.

"Sounds like a pretty interesting yarn, care to tell us?"

Ed took a step foreward, glaring murderously.

"I'll tell you what happened. After mom died the bastard shipped us off to seperate schools and ditched us. He never answered my letteres, even when I begged him to check up on Al." The doctor picked up his sleeping brother's form and walked to the other set of stairs opposite of Hohenhiem. "It doesn't matter what he says. My father's dead and he's only just a priest."

The crew flinched at the coldness in Ed's voice and without looking at anyone he exited the cargo area and into the hall leading to the clinic.

It sucks...And..I'm debating wheither to give up on it in a bit. ._.
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