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sailormac and I are fans of the Sailor Moon musicals, in that we enjoy the insanely goofy life-action SM musicals that come out of Japan. Where else can you see supervillains who look like rhinestone salarymen, leather jackets of evil, and inexplicable acrobatics? They are deeply fun as they are incredibly bizarre, goofy, and take liberties with the storyline and characters in an amusing way.

Discussing odd FMA post-anime media, we began asking "What if FMA was made into a musical?" Basic this idea on the experiences with other Japanese anime musicals, we came up with these lists:

WARNING: Slight spoilers


  • Ed would be played up more as Al couldn't do much, and an audience won't buy a singing suit of armor.
  • Al's outfit would probably be plastic and shiny fabric.
  • Roy would get a lot of stage time, and probably be a mentor figure. Furey, Havoc, and company would be backup.
  • Winry would become a Vauge Love Interest. She'd get a lame number about it, and nothing more would be said.
  • Riza would get one number during an action sequence, but she'd probably do well in it.
  • Scar would take the role of Ambiguous Possible Hero to Ed and Roy. This is the same as in the series, but with the addition that he gets to sing. If Scar actually needs musical numbers is another question.
  • There'd be no Izumi, Psiren, or anything else remotely beyond the versus-the-Homonculi plot.
  • Hughes would be there for comedy, talking about his cute daughter.
  • Lots of characters would appear just as backup/scenery.


  • There'd be an attempt to do a lot of angsty emo songs. This will not work well.
  • Havoc and company would get a wacky comedy relief number about being in Mustang's shadow. This would be the highlight of the show.
  • Ed and Roy would get an "anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better" type number resulting in them being buddies. This would then result in all interesting conflict draining from the rest of the musical.
  • Hughes would get one song about his daughter. Then he'd die to advance the plot and show it's serious. His death would end Act 1.
  • Act 2 would open with a big musical number about avenging Hughes, whom we're apparently supposed to miss after his comedy number.
  • The Homonculi would get a group musical number on how bad they were. It wouldn't quite make the point, because Envy doing a 3-part harmony just really isn't badass.
  • Torch Singer Lust. Enough said.
  • Greed would rap. This could possibly be the coolest sequence, or cause anuyreisms.
  • Hoenheim and Dante would get a duet about their past failed love, then she'd put the smack down on him.


  • The effects would be terrible. Most of Roy's effects would be a Magicians flash generator. Ed would clap his hands together and pointless fireworks would go off.
  • Lights would be used to project alchemy arrays on the sets to make things look cool. It might work, but I wouldn't count on it.


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