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Küchenhexe (formerly Zanne Chaos)

"Full Circle" (fic, Alphonse Elric, AU)

This is a strange little flash fiction from a strange little universe yuuo and I stumbled over. Actually, she did. Then that Alphonse came over here and started speaking up after the Envy there started bothering her. What all the merry hell happened, we don't know. And it's such a painfully hurty 'verse that we're not really inclined to poke in it. They showed up, they got noisy, we wrote it, and hopefully they'll go away and leave us alone now.

If you haven't read yuuo's fic Faith yet, do so before reading this one. This takes place years later after hers does.

PG-rated flashfiction; no real spoilers for anything since the ending twist was very AU. It does have character death, and it's very, very hurty. I blame yuuo and that heartbreaking bastard that incredible genius that awesome bastard, Randy Milholland for this.

Full Circle
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