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FMA/ Firefly crossover. Chapter 1

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I do not have ownership to the cast of Fullmetal Alchemist, nor of Firefly. They both belong to their respected creators....I know the cast of Firefly sometimes speak in Chinese when they swear or say certain stuff..but....I don't know Chinese..Sorry ;_;...Also..Please forgive me if I screw up their personalities >_<.



"Skirt chaser!"


The sound of muffled metal connecting with skin and bone echoed through the ship. In the kitchen Riza Hawkeye Hughes ( A/N: forgive me all Hughes x Gracia fans >_<) sighed, a sweatdrop appearing on her head and went back to cleaning her semi automatic hand gun. Edward Elric, the ship's doctor, passenger and on the run fugitive had once again had gotten into a fight with Roy Mustang, the ship's captain. Oddly it didn't surprise her that it would end up in Roy getting the lower hand of the ordeal. He always seemed to enjoy pushing Ed's buttons.

" This is going to leave a bruise." Muttered a deep voice; followed by heavy footsteps. Riza mentally smiled knowing who had just entered.

"You really shouldn't push him too hard, sir." She said with a tone of amusement in her voice. Roy Mustang shot her a look, (his right cheek already swollen) and rummaged through the fridge for cold pack.

"If he wasn't a kid I'd have hit him back..." He muttered placing the frozen plastic blue box onto the swollen cheek. Riza smirked, putting the gun back into it's holster. Roy noticed the amused expression on his first mate's face and plopped down into an empty chair.

"Yeah yeah I know..I'm a big softie....Dammit why did he have to use is automail arm?"

"You and Ed have another fight Roy?" Hughes asked with a laugh, enterieng the kitchen. "Hey baby." He leaned down to give Riza a kiss on the cheek.

Roy, with a look of annoyance crossed his arms over his chest. "If you have to know. Yes..I did have a fight with Ed. What's with the look?"

"Oh nothing..Nothing at all. I'm just amazed the two of you haven't mauled eachother or the ship you guys are fighting." Hughes crossed his arms, still looking amused he stifiled a giggle. Roy scowled, now downright pissed off.

"What the hell is this "Pick on The Captain Day?" I only took that kid and his crazy brother under my wing because I felt sorry for them!....And...That we needed a doctor....And if Ed and my fighting destoryed the ship. Winry will both put us into the clinic."

Just then a long light blonde head poppped into the kitchen from the hallway. Winry glared suspiciously at Roy.

"What was that about destroying my baby?"

Hughes and Riza fought desperately to not laugh at Roy's expression. The captain had gone pale and sweat profusely. He was indeed brave, but when it came to Winry and her wrath it was a different story.

"I said...That the ship needed..........Oiling....." He replied smoothly a fixed and nervous smile on his face. Winry stared at him for a few more secons before going back to whatever she was doing. Her footsteps on the metal flooring echoed down the hall and then died down.

Hughes broke out laughing, grasping the chair Riza was sitting in for support. Roy twitched, glared at his friend, placed one of his gloves on his right hand and snapped. A few seconds later Roy whistled, walking back to his room leaving behind a charred twitching Hughes on the floor. Riza sweatdropped and leaned down to attend to her K'Oed husband.



Hawkeye- Zoe

Hughes- Wash

Winry- Kaylee

Ed- Simon

Al- River

Havoc- Jayne

Book- Hohenhiem

Rose- Inara

Couplings are FMA based.

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