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The Abducted Alchemist

Haven't seen any posts about this yet, so! I thought I'd let everyone know that the second Fullmetal Alchemist novel, "The Abducted Alchemist" by Makoto Inoue, has hit the streets. I just got home from scooping it up from my local Walden's (and the damn thing was on the top shelf too! I had to ask someone to get it down for me! *WAILS*) This novel's got a much heftier dose of the military characters, so if you like them, I'd recommend picking it up XDDDD Since I don't really have a way of sharing the illustrations at the moment, I'll leave you with an amusing excerpt instead:

"I told you, I don't have a son!"

Every eye in the room fixed on Roy.

"But the letter clearly states, 'To the commanding officer at Eastern Command. If you want your son back, you will arrange a payment of 20 million sens. Payment details to follow,'" Second Lieutenant Breda said, pointing a chubby finger at the letter beneath Roy's hands.

"And last I checked, the commanding officers here are either the general or you, Colonel Mustang," a thinner man said from behind Breda's shadow. It was Falman, the base's warrant officer.


"It says commanding officer, but it doesn't mention me by name," Roy fumed. "What about the general?"

[...] "[The general] says his son is full grown, and both his grandchildren are at home with their parents. So that only leaves your son, Colonel..." Havoc was stone serious, but the trace of a smile played across his lips, revealing a deep amusement at the situation.

"And I told you I don't have a son!" Roy roared. "Have I ever talked about having a child? Have any of you ever seen me with a child here on base?"

Judging from their smiles, not one of them was concerned about a possible kidnapping here. They were all intrigued by the possibility that their colonel might have a child he never told them about, and that made Roy furious. His subordinates all began to talk at once:

"I guess I haven't seen you bring a child on base, Colonel, but..."

"They're asking for a ransom, so they must have somebody..."

"I believe you, Colonel. Mostly. Almost completely, in fact."

"Actually, seeing how you are outside the base, I started wondering..."

"Maybe he's got a kid hidden away?"

"Wow! What if he's got kids!"

"Wait, just how many kids do you have, Colonel? Is it more than one? It's okay. You can tell us!"

Roy stomped with both feet on the ground. "Silence!"

There was a brief pause.

"Are you sure you don't have a kid?" Breda asked.

"Yes! No!"

"No kid?" Fuery asked.

"None! Not a one!"

"Not even a little one?" Falman asked.

"None at all!"

"Colonel, Colonel," Havoc said, clapping him on the shoulder.


"Be honest."

Roy was speechless. He raised his hand to smack Havoc on the head but then stopped in mid-swing.

"This is a ransom request?" Hawkeye said, picking up the paper off Roy's desk.


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