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Some More Artwork - Fluff and Elric doodles

Some more artwork - the comic was something I did a while ago now, but I didn't want to make a post here until I had at least a few more pieces of art to show.

First one's a DA link, the other two are Photo Bucket:

At Last - Comic (Fluff for Roy/Riza fans)

Chibi Al Doodle (I'm a big fan of the 5-year-old Al...he's so chubby! :3)

This one here is a draft sketch - So obviously the pannels are pretty wonky and such. XD Not FULLY finished either...I'm debating Ed's face in the bottom pannel because I don't want to keep it looking like the anime style, and use my own...but if I go too overboard, then I might loose the 'little Ed' look. XD:
Little Elric Pannel Art

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