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RPG Pimpage

Wondering if I'm going to regret pimping to such a big community...

Due to an attempt to revive an RPG, and to test out my new application system, and from our new mod telling us to, I'm gonna pimp out an RPG. It's a multifandom RPG, Highschool AU. One of the first, I'd like to believe (It's well over a year old). And here I am, pimping it to you.

mugenjou_high. Not all the taken characters are listed in the user info though, due to me not keeping track of all of them (I'll ask our new mod if she can maybe add some that I've missed to it).

Please join. =D We'd love to have some new players. We have some FMA characters already (for instance, I play Envy and Greed.... If someone would like to take Greed from me I'd be more than willing to give him up. I don't do enough with him, I'm sad to say, and I've been armtwisted into not dropping him. KATU. >.> I'm looking at you, you know).

((X-pimped all over the place. Apologies if you've seen this or a similar pimp anywhere else on your flist)).
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