Ammes-chan (akira_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[Fic] A World Apart - Chapter 1/5

In coming up with more ideas for 40baisers, I realized five themes ran well with each other and I was going to write five ficlets in the same arc. Apparently, Ed has other ideas, and Russell likes them.

Title: A World Apart
Chapter: One of Five
Theme: #10 Desire to live.
Genre: Introspective, dark
Rating: PG-13 for curse words and mention of sexual arousal.
Pairing: Ed/Russell
Word Count: 1428
Notes: First person POV, Edward
Summary: Alone in Munich, Edward sits on a rooftop, observing the people below and thinking about his home and his loved ones, unsure whether to curse them or thank them.

No wonder God gets pissed when you try to take his job - and he just keeps punishing you, slamming your head into the wall.
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