Aviy (bloodfiligree) wrote in fm_alchemist,

The Faery Story Version

Title: Untitled: Part 1: Act 1
World: Fullmetal Alchemist..um...kind of.
Characters: Whole cast.
Rating: Currently PG
Words: 2891
Disclaimer: World is technically mine, I guess, in a warped manner. Characters all belong to like, other people.
Note: Despite that this is basically a 'retelling' in faerytale version, it only follows the story in the best basic manners. This is because I believe environment forms character, thus I have to do some things to Roy and Ed and Al and Winry etc that happens in the 'real' story in order to keep the charaters the same. But how it happens is different and when as well. Mostly done to satisfy my "OMG what if (insert characters here) had met?" urges. Story starts with Roy at the age of 15 and Ed not yet one.
Note2: This is editted, but it's not 'complete', after I sit on it for a week stuff will be changed, at the time it will go to my website.
Summary: So...what if? Teenage, hormonal Roy in tights makes googly eyes at Trisha.

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