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The most favorite characters in Japan

I recently bought a japanese anime/manga-magazine. I'm not sure how it's called, but I found something very intresting:
There was this page where the readers could vote for their favorite character. Well, FmA seems to be pretty popular, so here are the votes:

On top: Edward Elric with 667 votes.
(The 2nd place has 303 votes, which shows that the fans in Japan seem to love Ed ... ^^)
4th is Roy Mustang with 292 votes.
10th is Alphonse Elric with 100 votes.
20th is Hawkeye with 69 votes.

The other characters are from animes like Peace maker Kurogane, Saiyuki Reloaded and Ai Yori Aoshi ...

The funny thing is, that Winry doesn't seem to be very popular. This magazine was some kind of "Valentine Special" and all the characters on the posters very ... well, couples. There were posters with Gundam SEED-Couples (male and female) and there was this super hot Get Backers Poster with Ban and Ginji, which was YAOI. Yes, Yaoi. Both of them almost naked, with chains, hands on naked flesh. And now, the best part: There was a HUGE Poster from FmA, with Roy and Ed. It was this motive where Roy has his left hand somewhat wrapped arounf Ed's shoulder ... I always thought this was kinda ... slashy. And well ... on every poster was written "Perfect Couple" ... XD~~~ (The Roy/Ed Poster is hanging on my wall right now. Yay.)
At the fanart section of this magazzine, I noticed that there was not a single drawng with Winry and Ed. There was always Ed and Roy or Roy and his staff. Or Roy and his staff and Ed. And some pictures also hat shounen-ai in it, Roy/Ed of course ^^. So ... they don't seem very fond of Winry. Hm ...

So, enough said. I just wanted to get this off my chest. ^^

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