Dani (l_envyxedward_l) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Hi all~

I did a ton of doodles recently, just little ideas in my head during the school day, so I figured I'd share them. There's no spoilers, so no worries! Just a little bit of soft yaoi : 3 There's one little image that's somewhat not worksafe, so careful. ^^ The images themselves are almost all very big, though, so I'll give a warning for image-heavy-ness @_@

Image hosting by TinyPic
Don't ask about the writing...I don't even remember putting it there! XD
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This was inspired by a crack roleplay I was doing with a friend. It was Roy/Ed, but Roy had this ability to make himself turn into a cat (OMGWTFBBQ??? XDDD), so I just kind of....drew something like it XDD
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This is the only not worksafe one. Did it during a History class XD No clue why~
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My little Zoofic picture XD
Image hosting by TinyPic
Roy x Ed is my otp.....obviously XD
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Uh....don't mind the Yazoo ^^;; And Ed with headphones is as much love as Ed with glasses XD
Image hosting by TinyPic
Ed, Ling, and Ran Fan (a horrible Ran Fan ._. The rest of them look okay though ^^;;)
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A blue scale Ed, aside from the little hints of pink ^^ I like how this came out, for whatever reason.


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