mari (okay) wrote in fm_alchemist,

a newbie is born...

Okay, I'm a paintshop pro 7 newb, but thanks to daikenkai I'm growing up!

No seriously, I'm still playing around with the thing, (I have 2 problems in particular)but setting that aside now, I sort of made a Ed/Al color-banner thingie. :P

It seems that my expertise with hearts is thriving, until I found out how to use downloaded paintbrushes. XD

Edward and Alphonse are just plain love
Made by karmaside

Just save picture onto your own server!

Code included incase you would like to take? :D? Next time I'll plan on doing a smaller. I didn't know this would turn out so big. It's like when you look at your sideview mirror and it says things look smaller/bigger than they appear o-o You could expect my next ones to be a bit smaller.

[EDIT]I also made this icon:

It ain't the best but MEH, I tried. I'll get better eventually

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