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FMA Fanart Dump

^_^; well here are my current projects in FMA fanart. Because you know I can't just work on 1 I have to work on like 4-5 at a time and never complete the first one. Anyways here are the images I've done plus the progress I've done on each to get it to where it is now.

Psiren Fanart - Because I never really see enough of her drawn.
Step 1-
Step 2-
Step 3- (please look past the scribbles I was tired when I did this.)

Unerasable Sinners - Feat. Ed, Child!Ed, Al, Child!Al, Trisha, Izumi, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, The Gate, Envy
Step 1-
Step 2-
Step 3- (I've fixed a few things since then but haven't scanned in the work since their wasn't any radical changes.)

Survivors of Tragedy - Feat. Winry, Rose, Elisia, Marta*, Scar*, Lust, Wrath
Step 1-

* I know what happened to these two characters but I felt that they belonged within the image for my own reasons.

Anyways feedback and encouragement is always a plus. Any critiques please be willing to tell me how I can fix any 'problems' you might find. Don't just tell me that there is something wrong, that doesn't help me improve anything and will most likely make me ticked off at you.

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