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The Peacock in bright colours [BBI, Anime and Manga]

I've got even more FMA icons, and they're from the anime mostly. Take a look if you want and credit would be nice. Also note that spoilers abound.

36 Icons
4-Bluebird's Illusion by Ocean X

Image from a Trading Card Text-Translated Line from Undo by Cool Joke Clockwork Heart I Hate You Guys so Much

1. You Heart is my Heart 2. Memories of the Sun 3. Text- translated text from Undo by Cool Joke 4. The Night is Silent 5. High Flying Ace
6. Image from a piece of official art. 7. I believe this image is from a Trading Card 8. Another Trading Card picture 9. Image from a Trading Card10.Image from a piece of official art.
11.Power & Courage12.Al & Ed13.Text- title of a song by Keiji Fujiwara14.Lost and in Heaven15.Sin & Self
16.These distances between us...17.Text-Translated Line from Undo by Cool Joke18.Never to find Heaven19.Just Learn to Let Go of Me...20.Unhindered Strength
21.Just Like You22.Text-translated line from Ano Yume no Mukou He by Kugimiya Rie.23.Your path...24.This Cage of Society...25.Image from a Trading Card.
26.Text-Translated title of Boku wa Koko ni Iru y Kugimiya Rie27.Image from stationary in Japan28.Text-Title of the song by Romi Paku29.Movie!Ed and Al from a picture in a magazine.30.Nightmare come true...
31.We're a Family32.Clockwork Heart33.I Hate You Guys so Much34.Alphonse Elric - Domestic Goddess35.Just another illusion...
36.Real men wear pink.

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