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FMA Sentence Generator

Ganked from


Follow the instructions to generate a sentence.

Use the month you were born as the first part of your sentence.
January: I ate
February: I used Alchemy on
March: I drop-kicked
April: I drew a picture of
May: I used Hawkeyes gun on
June: I yelled at
July: I sat on
August: I dressed up as
September: I kidnapped
October: I slashed
November: I Alchemy’d
December: I made out with

Use the date you were born on as the second part of your sentence. (For some names, I'll use the one more commonly used)
01: Ed
02: Al
03: Roy
04: Riza
05: Winry
06: Lust
07: Gluttony
08: Envy
09: Havoc
10: Fury
11: Pinako
12: Armsrtong
13: Wrath
14: Breda
15: Falman
16: Haruko
17: Pride/Bradley
18: Hoenheim
19: Rose
20: Dante
21: Izumi
22: Sloth
23: Sig
24: Greed
25: Martel
26: Trisha
27: Kimblee
28: Scar
29: Archer
30: Yoki
31: T3h Gate Babies

Use the first letter of your username as the last part of your sentence.

A: for no reason.
B: because I wanted to.
C: and nothing happened.
D: because my mom made me.
E: to escape death.
F: for 2 bucks.
G: and died.
H: and it was the best moment of my life.
I: and broke my arm.
J: because I was brainwashed.
K: all night.
L: and got bored.
M: for a free cookie.
N: to impress my friends.
O: because Hagaren sucks.
P: because Hagaren is the best anime ever.
Q: Because I'm an anime junkie.
R: as my first mission as a State Alchemist.
S: at school.
T: yesterday.
U: in Ed’s closet.
V: during lunch.
W: to become a Homoculis.
X: because I wanted to.
Y: because a voice told me to.
Z: in an attempted suicide.

Lets see....I..
I drop-kicked Trisha and broke my arm.

D= Im  a horrbile Person!!!

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