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Crack...with disney

Thanks to racheal02's post (here: I was inspired to take beloved Disney characters, and turn twist them into FMA characters, and this time I didn't just copy and paste heads on bodies (except Barry).

Scar as Scar

Armstrong as Genie

Gluttony as Winnie the Pooh

Ed as Peter Pan

Lust as Snow White

Barry as Belle


I dislike this one the most, only cause I don't like how the white came out (it doesn't fit with the rest of the pic)
Image hosting by Photobucket

Genie's magic has been passed down for generations through the Genie line
Image hosting by Photobucket

Come on, Pooh had an eating problem, are you telling me he never thought of eating piglet?
Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

This one wouldn't have been done justice unless Barry's actual head was on Belle's body
Image hosting by Photobucket

These were fun to make, and I'd love to do more (especially Envy, Roy and Riza) but my brain's dead, so if you have any suggestions I'd be happy to take them :)
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