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calender thingie dingie

I bought this magazine today in Animate that came with this calender with different anime on each month. One was Hagaren, and it came with stickers. I thought "oh yay, but why are there so many of the same kind?" They were really tiny and had faces of Ed, Al, Roy, Lust, Alex Lee Armstrong, Hughes, and winry. I read the katakana on them and then realized that they went with the calender! I would have taken a picture but my camera's being mean...I'll try later. But like Ed smiling was "promise", so you'd stick that on a day you made an appointment. Then a Ed--in-action one was "exercise." but what really amused me was the picture , I think it was Roy on a rainy day where his face was all dark and mysterious....underneeth was written "Date". XD Very amused by that. haha

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