Imagination at it's finest (dragontrap) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Imagination at it's finest

Hagaren board game (with Pachinko for the dice)

Ok for the next project in a 3D design class I'm taking, we are to design a working toy/game. Well... Me being the FMA nut that I am, I decided to have a little fun with it.

The game board is the Ouroboros, the pieces are the wings and the 6 points that make up the star in the middle, and there will be 14 ending slots on the Pichinko board: The 7 sins (All negative numbers), and 7 main characters (all positive numbers)

The numbers are as follows:


Pride -7
Envy -6
Wrath -5
Sloth -4
Greed -3
Gluttony -2
Lust -1

And now for my messed up logic of the 7 positive numbers:

Armstong will be 7 cause he has sparkles
Al will be 6 cause he can beat Ed
5 is Ed cause he's in the middle of it all
Riza is 4 cause she Pwns Mustang
Mustang is 3 cause he pwns Havoc and Fuery
Havoc is 2 cause he's on top (LOL)
Fuery of course will be 1 because he's Uke

*And if anyone has a suggestion for any other manga/anime characters to use as positive numbers, feel free to suggest someone... But please give me a reason as to why said character should be used

I'm going to be printing out images for the Pachinko board slots ^^. My only quandry is do I use Manga or Anime? I don't care for Anime!Wrath, but we don't know who Manga!Pride is.... There is only ONE image of Manga!Sloth, but I like him better than Anime!Sloth. And there we have Greed... If I do manga, do I go with before chapter 54 Greed or after chapter 54 Greedling?

Well if anyone wants to help, I'm more than willing to take a vote (I like the manga more than the anime, BUT I want to be consistant if I do just one)

Anime or Manga?


Greed Before or After chapter 54?



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