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I feel like a bitch for not saying anything 'bout this before; but then again, everyone might know already o.o;;

Well, if you don't know; for those of you people who want to buy the dvd of the movie &you don't want to pay a millon dollars for the limited edition to get the English subs; this website sells the dvd (with English subs) for only $10. I bought it quite a while back (like 2 or 3 days after Christmas) &the subtitles are actually really good :o!!! (I was thinking it would be really bad subs if it was that cheap, but I was wrong o.o) The only thing bad about it is that it doesn't come with all the extra crap that the box set comes with :/

You can also buy Tales of Another Festival dvd for like $13 (I bought that too ^^;) Everywhere else it's usually sold for around $40. The only not cool thing is that it isn't subbed (even though the site says it IS, they're liars :o!!!) but I didn't believe the site beeause I already knew it wasn't subbed anywway o.0;;; it's still fun to watch though :3

If you're thinking it's bootlegged stuff; I know for a fact that TOA isn't bootlegged o.o;;; I know someone who bought it at CDJapan (for teh $40) &it was the EXACT same thing as the one I got :0

As for the movie, i'm not sure. I don't know anyone that bought the official one so I wouldn't know :/
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