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The Ancient Tapestries of the Great D'Arkawy

It has come to the attention of the archeological community in Europe that a series of fine tapestries have been unearthed in the ancient stonewalled town of Riesenborough. Created by the venerable 12th century artist Hiram D'Arkawy, they depict the ancient saga of Sir Edward of Riesenborough and his brave knights in their battles against the fiendish monsters known as Houmunculie. They appear to show only a portion of the tale, and further research is being done to recover the beginning and end of the manuscript as well. A discovery of this great import must be shared with you all.

(In other words, I got ahold of the Medieval Tale Construction Kit flash generator and had fun converting a key scene from each of the recent manga chapters, from 47 on up, into "medieval" format. There are, obviously, spoilers for manga chapters 47-55. Prithee, goode sirs and ladyes, go forthe and enjoye the anciente cracke! XD)


Chaptre the Fourty-Seventhe
Chaptre the Fourty-Eighthe
Chaptre the Fourty-Ninthe
Chaptre the Fiftiethe
Chaptre the Fiftie-Firste
Chaptre the Fiftie-Seconde
Chaptre the Fiftie-Thirde
Chaptre the Fiftie-Fourthe
Chaptre the Fiftie-Fifthe


pictures hosted by ytmnd.
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