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New From Hagaren Inc!

Have you been sitting at your computer for days? Did you just finish a workout with your brand new automail? Did you just have a dream that you were pregnant with Pride's child and woke in a cold sweat?

Well, Hagaren Inc. has just the thing for you!

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Yes, kids, it's Al Soap! Your favorite character will make you squeaky clean, with %10 more fanservice than the leading brand!

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Alphonse Elric approves of this product!

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Before, this girl's hand was covered in dirt, dead skin cells, and evil.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Now her hand is clean with the power of ALchemy! Ha ha!

Image hosting by Photobucket
"Nii-san! I'm going to rust like this!" says our cheery sponsor.

Anyways, you can make this with craft soap, blue soap dye, and the mold that the Al action figure comes in. Just make sure you tape the little holes so that soap says in. It's not an exact mold, in fact it's his back. It's not very Al-like, but hey, it's for fun.

Remember to keep squeaky clean with Al Soap! Now comes in vanilla chamomile scent and iron scent.
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