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[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxAl
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] vwl
[Spoilers?] Yes. AU. Picks up after the series ends. The movie is non-existant.
[Chatter] This took forever. I've been rather depressed and feeling dull and it has taken multiple rewrites to get to this point. It might be a dirt-boring chapter, or it might be okay. At least it has sex ^_^


The train ride had been very long. He was supposed to be working on lesson plans in his free time. Instead his mind was bouncing from topic to topic, thought to dismal thought, without any real hope of an answer, or even a completed idea.

His father was dying…the pain worsening for the eldest Elric. There was an unknown threat floating around Central, a threat that made Al loathe to leave just Roy to defend himself, to defend his father and his country. He still couldn’t find his watch, considering he had thrown it out the window of the mansion and into the gardens. And they were supposed to find some way to stop this “Lex.”

And he couldn’t concentrate on any one thing, and certainly not the things that mattered. All he could do was sit there and think about Ed in the shower. What the hell was wrong with him anyway? It kept popping up between more complex ideas to the point where Al felt completely scattered.

He sat on the end of the bed, staring out the window of the tiny hotel they were in. Ed was in the shower, and Al, well. Al was /still/ trying hard to think about trains and cars and anything other than sharing this minuscule room with his very sexually appealing brother or the fact that they would be here for some time. Like two days while they waited for their connecting train.

It was raining outside, pouring in absolute buckets, and that meant no sightseeing (No distractions either.). Not that there was much to see. This was simply a little town that had sprung up around the railroad junction. They were headed to Dublith. There was information there that Ed was hoping to bilk out of someone. For now? For the next two days? They were stuck here. With Al and this feeling that was making him squirm.

He debated trying to flirt with his brother, but he didn’t know if he knew how. He didn’t even know if Ed would rebuff him for it or be in the mood. Things were serious lately. He honestly didn’t know much about where flirting would lead him anyway. Or if he wanted it, despite what his body said.

He thought then about Ed and Roy. They had been together, and if nothing else, that meant that Ed probably knew how all of this worked. It was just a matter of…

Was he jealous of Roy?

The thought thundered into his head suddenly, over the ache of his body. It had come and gone in the last few days with a tiny sensation of jealous and clenched stomach. The funny thing was, it never lasted. How could Al hate Ed for going after such a beautiful and challenging man? They were perfect for each other, Roy and Ed. He wondered not for the first time, if perhaps he was in the way of that. If maybe Ed wouldn’t be happier without him?

Al stood then, eying the single bed suspiciously. He didn’t just want to snuggle his brother tonight, or even rub up against that sleek skin. He wanted something else. Something deeper. He wanted to /know/ what this was really all about. He got the strange feeling that what they had done up until now was more of a mutual masturbation. Exciting, wonderful, enough, but not what Al wanted. A few more times he had rubbed against Ed until he reached completion, or Ed he. It was great, but he knew there was more to this and almost resented his brother being so careful with him and not giving it to him.

He grunted in frustration, and not just at his brother. At the fact that he was thinking about this instead of what he should be thinking about.

He swallowed what felt like the beginnings of a scream inside of a yawn, and instead leaned his forearm against the cool glass of the windowpane.

Rain always made him think of her…

His chest burned, so he unbuttoned the front of his shirt over his heart, smoothing a hand over the tattoo there. She had come back to help him. But why? It seemed so strange…so impossible. Though if anyone would manage it, it would be his master.

Oh who was he kidding. Roy was probably right. It probably /had/ been a dream. All of this probably was. And then what? It was about to turn into a nightmare when he was unable to save his father and Ed finally decided that Roy was the better choice over Al?

He studied the tiny rain drops, watched them merging against the pane into tiny rivers. He followed the rivers with his eyes until they disappeared to fall to the ground below.

He was watching it so intently that he didn’t even notice Ed was behind him until a shower warmed pair of arms, one metal, and one flesh, wrapped around his waist.

Al gasped, his skin shuddering with sensation where he could feel Ed in nothing but a towel, pressed against him.

“You miss her?” Ed said softly, his hand coming up to cover Al’s over his heart. Al couldn’t think about anything but Ed then. Mainly because through the thin fabric of his cotton dress shirt, Ed was a tingling and damp heat, muscles flexing there. He bit his lip, swallowing a moan of frustration.

“That…and…I don’t know…” Al murmured against the glass, his breath staining the pane silver.

Ed’s arms tighten again, barely perceptibly.

“Come to bed.” Ed murmured.

Al shivered where Ed was touching him, and Ed paused.

“Is my automail too cold?” He asked quietly.

“No…Ed…” Al turned in his brother’s arms, copper eyes wide and full of something slightly feral and aggravated.

Ed snorted then, making steady eye contact with Al, who for the first time didn’t feel ashamed that he was feeling like this. He could see the broad plains of Ed’s chest now, and it made his stomach and lower back ache with need. He couldn’t deny what was pressing up against Ed, what was on his face clear as day.

“Al…do you need me?” Ed asked quietly, reaching up to stroke pecan blond away from Al’s forehead.

Al took a shuddering breath, not really able to answer. He didn’t think Ed really knew what he was doing to him, was asking of him. Just the graze of those silky fingertips made him want to whine in need. Instead he just rubbed his temple against Ed’s hand, nuzzling into the palm.

Ed just frowned and dropped his towel to the floor before covering the minute distance between them in one step, pressing his hips up against Al’s a bit more tightly. Al gasped and arched his hips into Ed’s naked ones, his hard need searching out that enticing warmth through the fabric of his pants. Al had to close his eyes then, and his head bowed, searching for his brother’s mouth.

“You do…don’t you.” Ed murmured against Al’s lips, just before opening invitingly under Al’s prizing tongue. There was something different about Ed right now. Something softer…more giving and pliant. When they broke for air, and Al was trembling minutely with need, Ed whispered to him again:

“It’s okay to want more Al…to go further. I also know that you don’t know what that entails. Learn on me. You won’t hurt me…I’ll talk you through.”

Al startled, eyes drifting open as tiny bubbles of panic formed in his stomach, drifting up to the pop just above his collar bones. Yet he had just leaned hungrily into Ed, kissing him. How could he not with those shower damp shoulders glistening in the light of the room, the tangles of silken gold just below his chin that he wanted nothing more than to tangle his fingers in? Al could feel Ed’s perfect warmth and his body somehow worked out that it knew what it wanted. He shivered again, arching his hips.

“Ed…I don’t…it…”

He tried to take a step back away, but Ed wouldn’t let him, strong hands tightening around his waist.

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting this…it’s normal.” Ed whispered as Al continued to tremble against him, overwhelmed and hungry, mind trying to override body. “Come on Al…it’s all right.” Ed murmured, taking a step backwards, and as he did so just barely brushed his lips up against Al’s.

Al whined and leaned forward, but Ed took another step away. Al leaned even further forward, hungry for another kiss that Ed would not give him.

When Ed kept pulling back, Al eventually had to step further forward. Closer to the bed.

Al realized what Ed was doing just as the shorter blond gave him a wink.

“Ed…” Al began, whining and following his brother back towards the bed until his sibling sat with a sigh on the edge. “Ed…I shouldn’t be doing this. I…there are more important things and it feels wrong to…”

“Want to make love?” Ed finished the sentence for him. “It’s healthy Al…it’s normal. You are allowed to have a sex drive you know…especially since I have one too.”

Ed motioned at his own need, fully erect and looking a bit pleading.

Al sighed too, yielding a bit as he found himself kneeling on the bed just over the tops of Ed’s thighs. His hands had a mind of their own, reaching out to touch the silky skin of his brother’s collar bones and throat.

“Ed I…”

Ed glanced up at Al, his hands coming up to stroke the back of the younger man’s shirt tenderly.

“Al…it’s important to enjoy life too. You can’t feel guilty about everything, it will destroy you.” Ed said just before he leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss to the exposed skin of Al’s chest. “It’s okay to need and want and feel…life isn’t…it just isn’t worth living if you don’t. You can’t solve all the worlds problems all of the time. There has to be time for ‘Al’ in there. Hell… ‘Ed’ too!”

“I feel like I shouldn’t though.”

“Oh quit Al…and take me already.”

Al all but choked on his tongue.

“T…take you?!”

Al’s brain flew to the few things he knew about this, or more accurately, thought he knew about this and came up with several very strange and somehow erotic possibilities.

“What did you think I meant when I said you could learn with me.”

“I thought…I just…I don’t know!” Al said, suddenly looking panicked.

He was panicking. He tried to stand up, to put distance between himself and Ed. He wasn’t ready. He didn’t even know what it was that he was supposed to do, even though he somehow also knew he wanted it. He was trembling and almost fighting Ed’s grip on him, when Ed reached up to stroke his cheek again gently.

“Whoa little brother.” Ed murmured, letting one automail hand knead reassuringly at Al’s back and jaw. “Just whoa. There is nothing to be afraid of…I promise you it won’t hurt.”

Al’s eyes were huge, and he knew that, and he tried to take a step back from Ed again, even though his body was hungry. He failed. this was something it wanted, that deep down he needed. Al didn’t want anything to do with hurting Ed though. The slighter young man still had bruises from the last time Al had gotten it into his head to ‘hurt’ his brother. He felt bad about that still.

“H…hurt? It hurts?!” Al was caught now, caught between not-ready and desperate.

Ed sighed and shook his head. “It’s a kind of a good hurt. And it really isn’t that bad, just sometimes, at first it can ache. So I’d rather you take me.”

“You want me…to…put…in….and…”

Ed sighed again, and this time grumbled. “Shut the fuck up and /do/ me.” As he grabbed Al by the shirt collar and pulled him down until Ed could reach his lips.

Al gasped in surprise at the gesture, his arms barely coming up in time to brace on either side of Ed’s head above his shoulders so that he didn’t crush his sibling.

“Ed! I don’t even know how and…mhhhhhh….” His sentence trailed off into a moan as Ed rocked his hips up against Al’s, bracing against the strong muscles in the younger Elric’s shoulders. He also took the time to take a nip out of Al’s throat.

“It’s okay Al…I’ll explain it all as we go, okay? You just do what feels good, and I’ll go with it. If you do something I don’t like, I’ll just tell you, okay?”

Al started to shake his head, and Ed rocked up against him again, groaning hungrily, encouragingly.

Did he want to do this? It seemed the right thing to do, to give this part of himself to Ed, and on the other hand, he was terrified to. What if Ed used it to hurt him? What if he trusted Ed with this and then Ed abandoned him for Roy?

His heart was not sure, but his body certainly was. Without his permission Al found his mouth slowly roaming Ed’s chest, his tongue lapping out to touch automail, flesh, and the scarred seam between without any guidance. Ed was spicy, soapy and warm under his lips, and it made Al shudder.

“Al. I need you.”

Al’s resolve snapped like a twig in a hurricane. He had debated telling his brother to forget this, to ignore him and his inevitable clumsy and inexperienced nature. But then Ed was pleading hopefully, and Al surrendered. He could never deny his brother anything, even when he was unsure or afraid, he could not deny him this if this was what he really wanted. Al came never. Ed came first.

“O…okay.” He stuttered quietly as he finally gave in, letting his weight fall more heavily to his brother’s chest. “As long as you let me know if I hurt you.” Al said worriedly, his body slowly relaxing where it was brushing Ed’s. Al took a moment to bemoan the fact that he was clothed, but he forgot that issue as Ed kneaded at his shoulders like an expectant cat.

“I promise.” Ed murmured as he leaned up, tipping his head slightly back and parting his lips, all but begging for a kiss from Al.

Al did not, could not, disappoint him. He pressed a few softer kisses along Ed’s forehead, his softly fluttering eyelids and to his cheekbone before he plunged his tongue into his brother’s mouth. He realized now that Ed was doing his best to make this natural, easy for Al. That he was letting him go at his own pace, letting him explore and in doing so, there was a trusting relinquishment. Al thought about that for a moment. He wasn’t the only one giving up something.

“Ed.” Al whispered softly when they broke away, words he couldn’t express roiling in his brother’s name.

“It’s all right Al. I trust you. Do you trust me?”

Al thought about it for a moment as he began to kiss along Ed’s jaw line, sampling the seashell of his ear a bit later.

“Not completely.” Al said honestly.

“It’s okay.” Ed murmured. “I have to earn it. I know you love me, but it’s hard for you to trust anyone. That is why I want you to do it like this at first.”

Al felt a shiver run down his spine at the honesty of Ed’s words, and something inside of himself unknot. It didn’t feel strange anymore. Actually, it felt warm, tender even. When he and Ed kissed again, the had become sweeter, more tempting, even when they grew harder, more desperate.

Al didn’t know exactly when it happened, but after a moment he realized his chest was cool, and then it became clear to him why as Ed’s cool automail fingers trailed down his collar bones to stroke softly at a nipple. His shirt was falling away, past his shoulders, but the flex of his muscles kept pulling it taut across his spine. To be rid of it, Ed had to help him a bit. Al was moaning as his shirt finally came away, and Ed began to nibble at his chest, tongue tender, sometimes almost stabbing-sharp at moments. More than enough to make Al moan and writhe.

Al knew that at this point, there was no turning back. He was hot, and hungry. Hard to a point of distraction. Ed was just going with him, not alarmed in the least, almost egging him on at every turn. Every motion of his brother’s body against his drove him wild. Every time Ed arched or squirmed, Al whimpered, and at the same time, he found himself taking more and more control of the situation as Ed leant it to him. Al didn’t know exactly what to do, but he did know what felt good, for both he and Ed.

When Ed tugged Al out of his pants though, Al finally had to stop for a moment. Stop to admire Ed and his flushed cheeks, his kiss swollen lips. The ghosts of bruises on that golden skin, wet hair clinging messily to pillows and shoulders. He was beautiful, perfect.

“Ed…god…you are…”

“You too Al…” Ed murmured. “And if you don’t get a move on, I’m gonna come before you even get inside. So hurry up dammit!”

Al was panting slightly now, eyes glazed over even as he laughed, a soft and feral sound.

He was relaxing now, falling into Ed. Into his touch and his warm body. Hard in all the right places, soft as silk when it needed to be.

Ed reached up and gave the end of Al’s ponytail a tug where it fell over his shoulder. Al blinked a few times, focusing at his brother’s insistence.

“Okay Al…I’m ready and so are you.”

Al nodded, eyes dark with need, but hot with desire that had less to do with the physical and more to do with the heart.

“What do I…?” Al asked, his voice surprising him by being so low.

“ Here’s what you need to do. You see that lotion on the nightstand?” Ed asked.

Al nodded again, staring at the bottle in question.

“I want you to get that bottle, open it up, and get lotion all over your first two fingers.”

“Ah…why?” Al asked intelligently as his brain attempted to go from /sex/ to logistics faster than he had blood for.

“Just do it dammit.”

Al shrugged shakily from where he was holding himself up on his arms, and reached out for the bottle.

He twisted the top off with his teeth, and then poured some out onto his palm. He coated his fingers carefully, and then blinked up at Ed, eyebrow quirked as he asked approval with a glance.

Ed gave him a hungry little grin and proceeded to lift his legs, trailing a flesh foot up Al’s flank, making him whimper.

Al wondered for a moment, how Ed could do something so wanton, how he could trust Al enough to expose himself…but the look he was giving Al was utterly unperturbed, and for some reason, Al found that helped him to unwind a bit himself.

“What now?” Al asked, even though he knew what was coming. His hand was trembling. There had to be only one reason he had lotion on his fingers.

“You need to help me relax. The lotion will do that, and so will your fingers. Slide them inside me, and move them around a little.”

Al blinked at Ed, dumbfounded. Yes. That /was/ that reason.


Ed snorted and then reached up, knocking on the top of Al’s head. “Yeah stupid.” Ed said with a laugh that was not unkind.

“I uh…if you’re sure?”

Ed glowered.

Al moved before Ed tore something off the headboard and transmuted him to it.

He quickly moved his knees a little bit so that he could support Ed’s weight and make room for his hand…lower down.
He trailed his dry fingers down Ed’s quivering stomach, lower and lower until he brushed Ed’s curls. He gave his brother a tiny smile then and trailed his lotion slick fingers down Ed’s length.

This made Ed curse in a muffled manner and make encouraging hand gestures.

Al smiled then.

So far, he wasn’t hurting his brother. He just hoped this next part wouldn’t.

He traced his fingers over Ed’s balls, and then slowly lower, looking for and not certain where…there. He had been sort of worried that he might have trouble finding it despite owning one himself. He felt a bit more confident now, and he sort of wanted to cry in relief at the same time.

Ed didn’t give him too much time to consider though, because he was rocking back against Al’s fingers slightly.

Al glanced up and gave him a worried look.

“Go on Al…” Ed gave Al a slightly frustrated but reassuring smile.

Al nodded, steeled his courage, and began to press.

Ed was a bit tight at first, stretching more and more, but as he wriggled his fingers, he found he was sliding past that tight ring of muscle, and inside, hot and slick.

“Oh.” Al gasped, his need twitching in compassion for his fingers.

Ed was so hot and tight around them, slick and…he couldn’t even imagine being inside someplace so warm and tight…and then Ed was moving against Al’s fingers, riding them like he might…something else…and Al had to close his eyes to keep control.

“Al…you okay?” Ed asked a bit shakily as he stopped.

“Yeah.” Al replied. “Are you sure this doesn’t hurt?”

Ed snorted. “Yeah…I’m sure…look, there’s a place, it makes this feel really good, you just gotta rub against it…if you curl your fingers up, towards my stomach. It feels a little different from everything else, and believe me, it feels great to me.”

Al blinked his eyes open in surprise. “It feels good?”

“Well yeah, if you curl your fingers…give it a try…then you’ll know where to aim when you go inside.”

Al blinked and swallowed hard. “O…okay.” He murmured.

He experimented with moving his fingers as Ed propped himself up on his elbows.

Gold eyes were serious, watching him calmly, gaze turned slightly inwards like he had a stomach ache, or perhaps because Al had his fingers in places that fingers didn’t normally go. Ed looked like his teeth were gritted, and Al was getting worried.

Just as he was beginning to fear he wouldn’t be able to find this mysterious place of lore, he curled his fingers a bit more, and felt something different. It made Ed gasp, those golden eyes get wider.

“There?” Al asked.

Ed nodded enthusiastically.

Al rubbed against it some more, and Ed whimpered, rocking his hips so that Al’s fingers were buried, having to touch more there.

For a moment, that was all that happened, Al learning how to move his fingers, and Ed whimpering as he did so.

Finally, Ed called a halt to the motion, and Al blinked at him worriedly.

“Okay Al…I don’t want to come like this. Not without you inside me.”

Al blinked then at his brother.

“Pull your fingers out Al…and put lots of lotion on yourself.”

Al blinked, barely capable of thinking.


“Like you did your fingers.” Ed said slightly impatiently.

Al nodded then, reaching for the bottle again.

He was so hard by the time he slid the lotion on himself that he cried out piteously at the cold.

Ed hushed him then, reaching up to knead a forearm.

“It’s okay Al, just take some slow deep breaths, okay?” Ed said as he slid a leg up onto his brother’s shoulder.

Al gave him a questioning look.

“This will help you get inside.”

Al nodded then, nervously.

“Hold the top of my knee, and then slide your hand under my lower back. You support me, I’ll show you how to go in, okay?”

Al didn’t question Ed. He was almost too terrified, overwrought to think. Instead he just moved so that he was supporting his brother, and he was lined up with the opening his fingers had just left.

Ed held himself up on his automail arm, while he reached out with his flesh hand and grasped Al firmly and carefully.

Al whimpered nervously. He did trust Ed, but he wasn’t sure what to think or feel. What if he came right away and embarrassed himself? Would Ed hate him? He didn’t have time to expound on that thought though, before Ed was reassuring him.

“I know Little Brother, you just move forward slowly, I’ll help you in, okay?”

Al bit his lip and nodded, trembling and blushing, and then stopped. He had been moving forward slowly under Ed’s urging, and now he was frozen in fear. What if he hurt Ed? What if he couldn’t bring his brother any pleasure?

Ed then gave Al a little squeeze, and that made Al yip.

“Sorry Al…look, whatever happens, happens, okay? I won’t get mad. Come on now, I need you and you’re taking too much time!”

Al nodded again, and then forced himself to close his eyes, to trust his brother. Ed was right.

Ed was pulling him closer and closer, until his head was brushing that tight bud, sliding in the oil…

“Press with your hips, slowly Al…there…nh…you go.” Ed encouraged.

Suddenly Al was sliding past that tight ring again, and this time with something more sensitive.

“Oh!” Al gasped, shivering as the strangest heat began to overwhelm him. Ed was so hot and slick, so tight he almost felt like he might crush Al, and Al reflected vaguely that he more than liked the sensation, even if it was a bit alarming at first.

When he finally opened his eyes and looked down, Ed was grunting, his back arched and he was biting his lip, much like Al was. Golden eyes were dark with concentration, and the hair on Ed’s arms was standing on end even in the heat of the room.

For a moment, Ed tensed, his hand on Al’s need stopping.

Al froze.

“Am I h…urting…y…ou?” Al grit out.

Ed shook his head no, and then removed his hand. Al only had a moment to wonder as Ed lunged his hips, driving Al the rest of the way home.

Al keened in surprise, and then froze.

His face and hands were tingling, and his lower back was in a knot.

Ed was frozen too.

“Oh god…Al…you belong here.” Ed whispered, his arms coming up to lock around Al’s shoulders.

Al could only gasp.

“Brother…don’t move…I’m close…”

Ed just nodded.

“Okay.” He whispered softly, stroking Al’s hair and literally being perfectly still.

He was breathing fast, shuddering in a manner that made Al wonder if he was lying about it hurting.

“Just take some slow deep breaths Al.” Ed whispered, his voice a bit low and pinched.

“It’s good, you’re…inside me. I need you here…you feel good.” Ed whispered.

Al was quivering. Ed was hot and tight, silky hot skin against Al’s, steely automail a cool companion to warm skin. Ed’s voice was calming him, making it easier for him to breathe, and as he slowed his inhalations, as his heartbeat slowed down just a bit, his body began to make demands. Nothing could have been more erotic to Al though, than his brother’s reassurances, his care. Ed was taking care of Al. Al would take care of Ed then, too.

Al had been afraid that he wouldn’t know how to do this, how to move. He realized as his hips fluttered without being bidden that he did indeed know what to do.

“It’s okay to move Al.” Ed whispered, tangling fingers in Al’s ponytail.

Al moved.

The first few thrusts were uncertain, shaky, but Ed met them easily enough, and the friction made Al call out softly every time.

Ed hushed him sympathetically, moving to meet him, groaning a bit himself.

Al could feel that place inside of Ed. If he moved his hips just right he could brush it…and Ed would cry out quietly, burying his face into Al’s shoulder.

Al shivered every time Ed did so. Ed was clinging to him, crying out because Al was pleasuring him. Even if Al had no experience, he was still making Ed moan. That made him feel a bit surer of himself. Surer of this new sensation, this new level of unity that Ed was showing him.

Ed was kneading now as Al moved, strong hands teasing back muscles with hot and cold, sweat damp skin sliding across muscle and need. Al discovered quickly that Ed liked it when he slid their stomachs together over his need, so he made a point of that as he moved.

All too quickly though, it became overwhelming. He was /inside/ Ed, as close as he could get, sliding deeper and deeper and he was /pleasing/ him. Ed was writhing, calling out and shuddering as Al’s hips moved of their own accord. It was sweetly hot, and Al found himself whimpering his brother’s name, again and again. When he came, it was as much of a surprise to him as it was to Ed. It was too soon, Ed wasn’t ready…

But as Al arched his back, driving home a bit harder than he meant to with his last few deep thrusts, he heard Ed calling out his name throatily, and something body warm was spilling out across his chest and stomach. It was like he came again himself, with Ed. They were one being, one soul and Ed’s ecstasy was Al’s, and Al’s was Ed’s.

When he was finally too wrung out to move and too sensitive to breathe, he collapsed then to Ed’s chest, trembling satedly, eyes tightly closed. Ed was stroking fingers idly through his hair, and heaving just as hard for air.

Al could barely stay awake, and after a few moments of understanding silence, he was cold and shivering.

“Was that all right?” He asked Ed vulnerably, finally breaking the silence.

“Oh Al…it was fucking awesome…don’t worry, okay? You did good.”

Al just nodded, and with a groan of regret, pulled out of Ed.

Ed murmured in discontent, holding Al closer with one hand while he pulled the sheet up with the other.

Al rolled his superior bulk off to the side. This allowed him to hide into Ed’s shoulder and stroke that silky chest. That body that was his, that had given and taken at the same time. Equivalent exchange, even in this. He snuggled close as the sweat dried and he began to warm up because he was skin to skin with Ed.

“I love you.” Al said softly.

“I love you too Al.” Ed murmured, pressing a kiss to Al’s forehead.

“I don’t feel any different, aren’t I supposed to?”

“No, I don’t think so. Not if you do this with the right person.” Ed said honestly, voice a little low and hoarse still.

“Then I must have picked the right person.” Al said quietly, tucking his chin to Ed’s shoulder even more tightly.

“You sleepy?” Ed asked.

Al nodded.

“It’s okay, it’s almost time to go to sleep anyways. And there’s nothing I’d rather do on a dreary night like this other than cuddle my little brother.” Ed said.

Al grunted. “I’m bigger than you are.”

“Go to hell.”


Hoenheim leaned against the edge of the bed, Roy’s strong hands supporting his forearm carefully.

“The pain is bad?” Roy asked quietly.

The bigger man nodded, shaking.

“It is getting worse?”

“Quickly.” Hoenheim said. “It’s happening on the inside as well…and the pain is becoming hard to bear.”

Roy nodded; the smell of rotting flesh was obvious over Hoenheim’s cologne.

“I will bring you some medicine and bandages. There is a botanical alchemist just on the other side of town. I will explain the situation and see if there is anything we can think to do to at least make you more comfortable.”

“I would appreciate that, my friend.” Hoenheim said as he leaned his forehead against the metal frame of the bed. “Please do not tell my sons?”

“You are dying. They would never forgive me.”

“Not now. But soon, yes.” Hoenheim said patiently.

“You think coming through the gate again accelerated the deterioration?”

Hoenheim nodded. “It’s making up for lost time, I believe.”


“You won’t get away.” She murmured, fingers running lovingly through the ruff of the chimera she was leaning against.

“Please!” The man pleaded. Another chimera was standing on his chest, mouth wide and wickedly curved fangs glinting in the low light from the street lamps.

His blue uniform was bloodied, and the silver chain in his pocket was clinking against the damp flagstone as he struggled.

“I won’t let a single one of you live, and then the position will be mine. I will be Fuhrer, and I will abolish the military. No more war, no more fighting.”

“You’ll put yourself out of a job.” The man laughed.

“That’s just fine.” She murmured. “Give the country back to its people. It’s a noble goal.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, this country would fall prey to another without the military.”

“Perhaps. But isn’t that the natural way of the world. The weak shall fall. If we do…at least we won’t be at war then.”

“You’re insane!”

“Probably.” She murmured as she flicked her hand dismissively at the chimera. It ripped the man’s throat out.

His scream died to a gurgle in half a heartbeat.


Roy stared at the paperwork on his desk dismally.

“It isn’t the first time someone has killed a state alchemist.”

“Sir, the report states that it looked like he was torn apart by a wild animal.” Riza said levelly.

“The bite mark radius matches those of the victims on the train, doesn’t it?” Roy asked quietly.

“Yes sir.” Hawkeye murmured. “It does.”

“So you are saying that the attack made on the train very well might have been made specifically against Fullmetal and Lightning?”

Riza nodded.

Roy tapped the top of his pen against the tabletop in worry.

“You realize I just sent them out into the field?”

“Yes sir I do. Would you like me to have Colonel Havoc send an emergency wire to the station in Dublith to be given to Fullmetal upon his arrival?”

“If he makes it one piece…yes. Please do so Colonel.”

“Do you think this strike is against Alphonse specifically? It is rumored the girl with the chimera matched the description of the woman that Alphonse defeated in his hand to hand combat section of the exam.”

“It is possible. Or it may just be a good place to start. For a lunatic to take a swing at the military. Our alchemists are our elite…it would make sense. It would be the first place another very angry and rejected alchemist might hit.” Roy murmured.

“There is allegedly, a rumor that these chimera ((chimera)) can speak, and appear intelligent.”

“That is Dumere’s signature.” Roy said quietly. “I would even believe that those he has turned are complete chimera. He was responsible for the program at the Fifth Laboratory, for the elite commandos that were produced. It wouldn’t surprise me if has surpassed his original design with something that might be…lycanthropic in nature.”

“It would explain Alphonse’s description that the monsters seemed almost ‘natural’.”

“Yes it would.” Roy said quietly, studying the report again, and looking at the pictures before swallowing hard.

“I believe we are about to have a very large problem here.” Roy said honestly.

“It could still be unrelated.” Hawkeye said quietly, playing the devil’s advocate.

“Let us pray that that is so Colonel. But still, let us be…proactive. I know the ideal would be to keep this under wraps, to not panic our state alchemists, but I think prudence here is the better part of valor. Please put out a memo to the typing pool, that all state alchemists are to take extra care in their daily activities and investigations. That they should travel in groups whenever possible, including on missions. No one is to be dispatched without another alchemist in tow. Try and keep the younger with the older, if possible. Of course, please run this by the Fuhrer for approval. I am certain he will agree with me but…”

“Yes sir. Should I also arrange you a meeting with the parliament?”

“If you would please?”


Al opened his suitcase and pulled out several of the books he had taken out of Central’s library and a few others that he had been filling with notes on his father’s ‘condition’ from books that were not allowed to leave the stacks. There was hardly any real information, only dire warnings and the like which Al could honestly see the reasoning behind.

It was when he opened up the small box with his quill pen and bottle of ink that he found something he did not remember packing.

There was a white handkerchief that smelled heavily of his father’s cologne. He picked it up, and as he did so, his watch fell out, clinking to the table. Al blinked. He unfolded the note that also had fluttered to the desk.

/“The gardener found this, I supposed you would like it back. Safe travels. Much love. Dad.”/

Al smiled wearily then, looking at Ed, who was still sleeping, a contented look on his face as he rooted around in the pillows on the bed. It was still raining, and Al had some things he needed to work on even though he had been loathe to leave his brother’s side, shower and dress. But some things wouldn’t wait, not for the luxury of sleeping in.

He pulled out a tiny compass and a pencil, and brushing a shower damp tendril of hair out of his face, began to draw a practice array on the paper of his journal.

Their father was dying, and Al was racing against the clock to find a way to help. He also knew that he did not have much longer to find an answer. It was like the steely jaws of a chimera closing over his throat, and there was nothing he could do other than become more and more desperate.

The array he was working on was born of that desperation.

Ed didn’t need to know. No one did, and for once, he was grateful Ed was hard to wake in the morning.

Some sacrifices were small things to make. Especially for the lives of the ones you loved.


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