the enigmatic E. (zauberer_sirin) wrote in fm_alchemist,
the enigmatic E.

fic, gen-ish

i found this fic laying around and i never got to post it anywhere. and since there is an alarming lack of Breda (or Ross, for that matter) in the fandom i thought i´d share. It has some Brosh/Ross in it, but the pairing is not the point of the fic, so i´d say it´s rather gen-ish. hope you´ll like.

title: three moves and backwards
characters/pairing: Brosh/Ross and sad, vague, implied Roy/Hawkeye but mostly Ross-centric (or in any case Roy/chessboard/Breda/Ross OT4)
rating: PG13
spoilers: not much, except for the Ross plot. Future!fic.

Three moves and backwards
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