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Havoc/Hawkeye 18 Themes Translations.

Just before now, I happened upon this site, which lists the Havoc/Hawkeye 18 Themes challenge in Japanese. I've learned four years of Japanese so I decided to give translating them a go. I am not so good at kanji and I might have altered these just a tiny bit to make them less awkward as English phrases in some places, but if you see any glaring mistakes please do tell me (especially in the transliteration...).

 01.東方司令部 ; Higashigatashireibu ; Eastern Headquarters
 02.煙の向こう ; Kemuri No Mukou ; Beyond The Smoke
 03.金色の ; Kin Iro No ; Golden
 04.犬(狗); Inu ; Dog
 05.いっしょにごはん ; Isshoni Gohan ; Meal Together
 06.譲れないもの ; Yuzurenai Mono ; Thing I Can't Give
 07.甘えんぼ ; Amaenbo ; Acting Needy1
 08.知らなかった ; Shiranakatta ; I Didn't Know
 09.脱いだらすごいんです ; Nuidara Sugoi Desu ; "It would be incredible to take it off."2
 10.傷痕 ; Kizuato ; Scar
 11.向かい合わせ ; Mukai Awa Se ; Face-To-Face
 12.抱きしめてもいい? ; Dakishimete Moii? ; Is it OK to hold you close?
 13.おやすみ ; Oyasumi ; Goodnight
 14.てのひら ; Te No Hira ; Palm of the Hand
 15.二丁拳銃 ; Nichou Kenjyuu ; The Second Handgun3
 16.見上げる ; Miageru ; Look Up
 17.瞳(眼・目); Hitomi (Manako・Me) ; Eyes

1 This was hard to translate for me; all I got was a song title by an artist called Otsuka Ai and all the English translations of the word from the lyrics seemed to translate it as either 'being needy' or 'indulging'. You could probably go either way... or am I totally wrong? ^_^;

2 Sugoi can have both good or bad connotations. You could translate this as "It would be terrible to take it off", too.

3 I have absolutely no idea about this one. Kenjyuu is definitely handgun but I have no clue about the first two kanji. I tried about 5 different kanji dictionaries and none of them had any results that looked sensible, so I kinda pick-'n'-missed.

Like I said, some of these translations were really dodgy, so please correct my many, many mistakes. XD;;

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