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I put all the comments in one HUGE list. Anyone wants to archive it?
We are all insane... I love it

EDIT: now the list is even larger...

You know you are obsessed with FMA when...

by Elihice

1- Suddenly, learning about WWII is a lot more interesting
2- You can’t help but scream every time you see a short person with blond hair wearing a red coat.

by The Invincible Ban-sama (orka freak)

3- You call your slightly shorter best friend 'chibi' and amuse your self with it because they do an Ed!spaz every time :D
4- You... wrap your arm in tin foil
5- You won't give anything to anyone unless they give you something of equal value in return :D Equivalent trade, baby.

by Sani-chan

6- When you draw circles on the ground and try to transmute something.
7- When you've scratched in "Don't forget 3.Oct.10" at the back or inside your watch. (The date Ed and Al burnt and left their home)

by アレックスくん (arex kun)

8- You wear white gloves all the time.
9- You think trains' are cooler.
10- You hide cats in your clothes.
11- You can tell anybody the Alchemic equal in substances to any object.
12- You wear your hair in a braid, and if you don't have enough hair, you get hair extensions.
13- You angst even more.

by あいかさま (robojellyfish)

14- You're expecting that big suit of armor to talk back.
15- You find metal increasingly sexy.
16- Becoming a pyromaniac seems like fun.

by The resident Full-Tare Alchemist

17- You tell your slightly taller friend they can do their own damn paper work

by Bullet with (Titanium) Butterfly Wings

18- you've attempted a human transmutation or thought of attempting one 0.o
19- you're going to name your first son 'Edward Elric' (guilty as charged, eh he he) and dress him up like Ed every single time.
20- you want to equip yourself with automail even though you have all your limbs
21- you have a transmutation circle tattoo somewhere on your body

by Maho Kiwi

22- Whenever someone pisses you off/threatens you, you glare ominously and clap your hands together.
23- You stay nice and far away from tan people in sunglasses
24- You check to make sure your friends have all of their moles/recognizable traits before going anywhere alone with them.
25- You wish you were named after something cool, like an airplane

by Saya Aensland

26- You refer to new episodes/chapters as your "crack fix".
27- You get withdrawal if your access to a new "crack fix" is denied.
28- You want to marry Lust, despite the fact she's the same sex as you and an animation character. (Well, to be honest, I want to have a polygamy with her and Takeuchi Junko...)
29- You start using the principle of equivalent trade in everyday life. ("We only get three different animes on TV, but one of them is in Japanese with subtitles, so it's balanced in the end.")
30- You keep whining for your rich pig of a friend (who lives across Europe) to buy you a slide card just so you can play the FMA PS2 game.
31- Know the exact time when FMA airs in Japan
32- When you wake up on Saturday afternoon, your first fully coherent thought is most likely "Hunh, FMA has aired... when is the RAW available?"
33- Download both the RAW and sub of every new ep.
34- Clutter up your HD with 35+ megs of FMA screenshots.
35- Are willing to sell your left kidney to make Toriyama's World hurry up with the scanslations.
36- After the OST was released, you suddenly became very, very glad you once studied Russian.
37- You listen to at least one of your FMA mp3s every time you happen to open your Winamp.
38- You're regularly running late for classes because you had to check the community or browse a Jap FMA site or two, and you lost your sense of time and that five-minute break became 15 minutes too long.... <.<;;;

It gets squicky/pervy/just plain sick from here, Read if you dare.

39- Edward helps you realize that yes, you ARE a pedophile. (I'd lusted over 10-year-olds(!!!) previously, but I didn't really admit it to myself until I met Ed.)
40- You wank off to fantasies of Edward.

by kirisame

41-You call your dog Den, Black Hayate or Alexander.
42- You threaten your dog with a gun if it pees in a corner, because "you're discipline strict".
43- You get yourself a red coat or a red hooded jacket, and you wear it all the time.
44- You keep snapping your fingers, waiting for flames to come off.
45- You paste tattoo stickers all over your arm, dye your hair white and use red color contact lenses.
46- You started to believe that golden is a normal eye color.
47- Every time you see a huge, pumped-up old man, you swear you saw sparkles all over his face.
48- Military uniform is hotter in your eyes now.
49- Your friends are sick of you showing them family photographs.
50-You are taking Russian lessons to understand "Bratja" lyrics.
51- You re-read "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", since you keep hoping for Edward Elric to appear in the book.
52- You want to resurrect your mother, even though she's alive and making your breakfast in the kitchen.
53- You call your big brother "Edo".
54- You call your little brother "Aru".
55- You think your granny is an automail mechanic

by Millions Vertigo Ambrosia Bluesummers

56- You have about 149 FMA screencaps.
57- ..and 144 of them are of Scar.
58- You try to get an Obourobous tattoo.
59- Alternatively, you try to get arm of destruction tattoos all over your arm.
60- Everyone you live with knows about your favorite FMA character.

by Kate~chan

61- You suddenly decide that snarking to a short chibi person you know really is the most enjoyable part of your day.
62- Blue and red suddenly become your favorite colors even though you've loved black since you were little.

by 色雨の錬金術師 (moumusu)

63- -"itadakimasu" makes you think of Hagaren.

64- You can't say "itadakimasu" anymore without clapping. LOUD.

65- And you can't help but hope that it'll turn the bread into COOKIES! :D

(If anybody doesn't know, "itadakimasu" is what you say before you eat---it's like giving thanks to the food for existing, and to the people who prepared it and got it in front of you. It's often accompanied by a putting-hands-together motion that ED COPIED SILLY BOY :D)

66- You would like to be a colonel.

67- Failing that, you would like to fool around with one.

68- Failing that, you would like to follow one around in a skimpy bikini and agree with everything he says for the sole purpose of making sure he always has wonderfully reassuring arm/eye candy.

69- Failing that, you fantasize about all of the above.

by Kalika Maxwell

70- You pick up FMA fetishes (including, but not restricted to, glove!sex, dogtag!sex and the much loved desk-san)
71- You're SO getting your small blonde and long haired sister a Ed coat.
72- You're getting a green one for yourself and pretend you even remotely look like Al. (if he was female. and had brown hair.)
73- You wear the closest Ed-ish outfit you can to go do an important college mid-term exam. Cuz you really could use a few extra brain cells.
74- You scribble Ed's sign everywhere in your notebooks
75- Instead of taking notes, you're writing FMA ficlets in class. Cuz the Ed and Roy in your head WON'T SHUT UP.
76- Actually, you do hear Roy, Ed, and others scream/talk in your head.
77- You stay up all night Sunday and Monday night, because whenever the next sub ep comes out, you *have* to be there. You will not go to bed until you've seen it, even if this means going to bed at a very unreasonable hour.
78- You burn your eps twice on DVDs. So if the computer dies, and your sister's dies, and then if one of your DVDs get scratched, you still have another one. You consider burning even more of them to hide them everywhere.
79- You want to slash everybody and everything. You like slash.
80- Suddenly, incest is perfectly acceptable to you. (um, sorry about that?)

by Esa

81- You've attempted to make your glove spark fire and ended up making your hand combust instead.
82- Nicknamed ALL your friends after an FMA character, minor or important.
83- You think people irl act/look like FMA characters and stalk them. -Cough- Sgt. Laaauu~~-
84-You become obsessed with the military.
85- You wallpaper your room with pictures of your favorite character.
86- You write 'I love -you favorite character's name- ' all over your arm until it ends up looking similar to scar's.
87- You draw transmutation circles on your palms and try to blow things up.
88- You attempt to call yourself the older sibling next to your super tall brother. - even if you're not-
89- You try to look for -someone's- grave stone in the cemetery.
90-You let your nails grow long and sharpen the ends, trying to use them as weapons.
91- You become insanely obsessed with making your hair look like spider legs.
92- You look for drowning white haired men in sewers.
93- You memorized all the FMA OP and ED in Japanese and English.

by Cici

94- You look for books about alchemy at the library or bookstore
95- You conduct searches on Google trying to find the meanings of the more obscure names in FMA
96- You try not to giggle when your professor talks about Japan's "Edo Period" (an era of Japanese history, also called the Tokugawa Period)
97- You also try not to giggle whenever someone says something like "I envy you" or "it's not love, it's only lust"
98- You're afraid to take your car to the mechanic's shop because you think s/he'll throw a wrench at you and lecture you about not taking good enough care of it

by Kri'chira

99- Reload animesuki.com page over and over and over and over...
100- Reload toriyamaworld.com page over and over and over and over...
101- Buy a magazine in a foreign language just because they have a small poster of Edward and his brother (soooo worth it...even though I can toss the mag now since nothing else is in there...)
102- Visit communities on a daily (sometimes...hourly) basis
103- Tells someone who doesn't even watch anime avidly the entire storyline of FMA. Then proceed to tell other someones...
104- Have a metal fetish
105- Screencaps and icons of FMA are a new way of life.
106- Don't mind being short anymore because hey, Ed's short too, yay!
107- Think that bathing outside, in the open, with a makeshift watering can as a showerhead is cool.

by Val aka SV (da no!)


108- have a habit of carrying a giant wrench around with you everywhere
109- hit people with it
110- have a habit of clapping your hands together and pressing them against your computer monitor to transmute it into a faster computer (to download FMA faster.)
111- do this to about everything anyways.
112- and are disappointed that it doesn't really work
113- write FMA/HP cross-over fanfics
114- now have some hope in post-2000 anime. (::dodges rotten fruit::)
115- debate weather Ken(Digimon) is angstier than Edward or vice versa.
116- insist that your brother is a suit of armor
117- you draw transmutation circles. In blood.
118- suddenly develop an attraction to men in uniform if you haven't done so already.
119- are not afraid of men suddenly ripping off their shirts and flexing
120- chase after refrigerator trucks
121- ask two brothers if they have a third one hidden somewhere
122- carry photos of your "daughter" around
123- and shove them in people's faces asking if she was oh so cute.
124- master the art of snapping when you always sucked before.
125- wear an eyepatch
126- the idea of a huge age difference doesn't scare you anymore.
127- set fire to palm trees out of hatred.
128- someone mentioning "Hughes Aircraft" gets your attention. Fast.

by Hungry Hungry Mongoose

129- You join the military and dedicate your life to getting promoted so that one day you can achieve your grand dream: Miniskirts!
130- You become terrified when you find the local butcher's name is Barry.
131-You begin to write your science notes in code.
132- When visiting a prison, you ask to see the mad bomber Kimbly.
133- Palm trees always remind you of a certain someone.
134- You always ask before eating if you're allowed to...
135-...and it's not always food.
136- Every time someone compliments a talent you have, you claim it has been passed down from generation to generation in your family.
137- "Research institute, eh? Where are you making the philosopher’s stone?"

by Mayte

138- you search everyday for new merchandise of FMA on eBay and wish you had the money for the FMA watch that you keep seeing.
139- start looking at yaoi doujinshis of FMA even though your not into that! (but the drawings look cool....omg!! what is Roy doing to ed?!?!?! O_o)
140- start contemplating on the existence of a soul and how can you measure a soul. (deep shit, man!)
141- every time you hear the first ending song, you instinctively start imitating the mock fight between ed and al when that part of the song plays......doesn't matter where you are.
142- even though you haven't read all of the manga yet (as in "only read the english ones"), you try to figure out the whole story plot with your friend who hasn't even seen the show yet and you get into heated discussions with your other friend who is just as obsessed as you are.
143- you think short guys are sexy!!
144- you have this sudden urge to ride a mustang!!! (I’ll let you guys think this one out! ^.~)

by (again) kirisame

145- Wrenches are not tools, they're deadly weapons, IYO.
146- You rent the movie "Seven" because you believe that Envy, Lust, Gluttony and the rest of the gang were there.
147- You buy “The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream” just because of its title.
148- You won't drink milk ever again: white juice secreted from a cow? Ewww.
149- Every time you see a ruby or any red stone, you scream "Give it to me, I've been looking for that!"
150- You keep searching for kitten inside of your brother's clothes.
151- You want to buy a Ford Mustang.
152- You suspect of sexy, dark women wearing long, black dresses.

by Full Metal Alchemist Aya!

153- spend every penny on buying FMA merchandise
154- buying nothing but two copies of everything FMA
155- drawing the alchemy symbol on the back of your read shirt
156- trying to dye your hair blond so you can cosplay as Ed
157- researching "alchemy" all together
158- when you dream of Roy and Ed dancing in a ballroom
159- when someone calls you shorty or chibi you can't help but to spaz and get mad.
160- constantly nagging at the store how much the second limited edition to the FMA dvd is.
161- burned all the FMA theme songs three times on three different CDs
162- won't be satisfied to cosplay as Ed as long as the coat is perfect height and weight and the right colors
163- covered all your walls with any FMA picture that's featured in all the magazines you can get your hands on. (I have a small room)
164- have over 10 megs of nothing but FMA icons/screencaps/fanart
165 - refuses to drink milk

by (again, since I just did two) Elihice

166- You start a “You know you are obsessed with FMA...” thread
167- More than 50 people answers it
168- Keep writing to have a list with 170 things with it.
169- Watch every episode at least eight times (to make sure you didn’t miss anything)
170- Keep telling yourself there is nothing wrong after you have answered ‘guilty’ to everything in the list.

by hagane_no
171- You have over 5 gigs of FMA media (mp3s/fanart/screencaps/icons/episodes/mangascans) on your hardrive with backup CDs...
172- 70 megs of that is nothing but image files
173- You have gotten more than 10 other people into the series...
174- You did this in the cafeteria at your school
175- You convince non-anime fans to watch FMA...
176- You convince them to obsess over FMA as much as you do
177- You and your significant other name the new kitten Edward because of its size and color
178- You have nightmares about Edward having a thick Texan accent in the English dub
179- You have nightmares about FMA becoming the next Pokemon/YuGiOh

by... er...someone
180- You change your LJ name to include some FMA element

by Silver Angel

181- Any time the word "alchemist" appears, especially in something not related to FMA, your brain stalls (looking at you, xerampelinae, as well as your story "My Orphanage").
182- You're at the bookstore, and you're reading the titles to yourself. "Hmm. Azumanga Daioh... Berserk... Excel Saga... Fake... Full Metal *audible sound of brain halting* Panic *sound of brain restarting*..."
183- Before, Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series was fun but sucked after The Killing Dance. Sure, Obsidian Butterfly wasn't that bad, and the most recent book had classic!Anita, but the rest were... meh. Now, Obsidian Butterfly is more fun than ever, because of Edward!

by Angel in a See-Through Dress

184- You see an auction for episodes 1-26 on ebay and you offer to pay someone to buy it for you because you live in a country outside of the United States and someone on your friend's list offers to buy it for you just because they are as obsessed with as you are. Even if they don't know you.

by Kira Seldon

185- Saturday is more important to you because of FMA than because it's the weekend.
186- You've spent hours researching alchemy just so you can find the in-jokes.
187- You've introduced everyone you know to the series.
188- Your parents have asked to watch the series because you never talk about anything else anymore.
189- You've tried to braid your hair, even if it's too short, to make yourself look more like Ed.
190- ...and when that failed, you convinced yourself that you looked more like Roy anyway.
191- The ratio of automail diagrams to class notes in your notebooks has exceeded 1:1.
192- ...because you are trying to figure out how to build Ed's automail for cosplay.
193- You love the characters (or hate them) much more than most of the people you know in real life.
194- ...because they are real.

Sorry if I made a mistake with names and such...

By the way, of all these 194 things I’m guilty of 49. I guess that makes me 25.14% obsessed. Maybe there’s still hope for me.... Ha! Who am I kidding?
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