JessK (jess_k) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Funnyflashthing and Questions

A friend linked me to some wonderful crack... (worksafe, has a little bit of sound)
FMA meets AOL.. I lolled >D

I have some very spoilery endofseries questions x.X

Basically, I've seen the whole series and the movie, but most of the later-on stuff I've seen was very poorly translated so I think I missed some things, so it left me with some questions...

1) What exactly happened that Rose ended up (well not ENDED, but) mute?

2) Is that baby hers, and is there a story behind it or did it just sort of appear?
2.5) And what's with it crying and suddenly omgthere'stheGATE..? didn't make sense to me..x.x

Those are the ones i can think of for now...I'll probably be remembering more to ask about in the future x_X

EDIT: Clarifying question 2.5

I meant specifically when they're all underground in the ballroom thingy, and just the one time that the baby cries and suddenly Ed wakes up in Germany... I just couldn't get a handle on that part. I don't know if Wrath was involved in that part...
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