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18 January 2006 @ 11:47 pm
fanart yay.  
This is mainly for Infintesimi's uber good drabble collection Friends and Lovers' 12th. drabble :The Subtleties of Wanting. (its kinda spoilerish,yaoi-ish)

And I said last night that if she will update her new chapter of her new continuation/sequel to Friends and Lovers; He Who Searches For Himself, that I will draw her Edward with Kaiya, Winry and Alphonse's(?) child. And,well, she CHEATED!! xb, and updated her new chapter approximately in 5 hours after I commented/reviewed. So I drew her a Uncle Ed with alien!Kaiya (i dont know about a babys anathomy,sorry ^^;;). and there is an Edward more. Its just done in 5 mins.

cheers, i talk too much..

The Subtleties of Wanting.

comments appretiated!