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Let's Play a Little Game - posted by onee_omi

I'm going to try and finish this game, now. I took the time to go through and read every comment, including threaded comments that needed to be individually clicked on and added up all of the numbers. I did not use the lists so if you posted a list and neglected to add and subtract somewhere in your post, that post is not counted here. If you forgot to post your addition and subtraction initially, but re-commented to correct yourself then your post was counted.

Same rules apply, if you want more details on the rules click the link.
Add only one for your favorite character. Subtract only one for your least favorite character.
No human transmutations, those who are dead are dead.
No flaming, no wars, no hissy fits.
Oh, and please if you vote again have some variety. Voting more than once is cool, but if you subtract one from Envy and add one to Izumi don't do that same thing twice - try subtracting and adding two completely different characters.

Concept originally posted by onee_omi, to be continued here if anyone is still interested.

(current assuming that this wasn't already posted a second time, that is.)
Characters who have already died are mentioned on the list for consistancy reasons, it is up to you whether or not you include the characters that are eliminated, but if you do please keep in mind that they are at zero and their score can not change, thanks.

Edward Elric: 29
Alphonse Elric: 23
Trisha Elric: 9
Hohenheim: 8
Winry Rockbell: 7
Pinako Rockbell: 11
Roy Mustang: 22
Riza Hawkeye: 14
Alex Louis Armstrong: 10
Jean Havoc: 14
Maes Hughes: 17
Kain Fuery: 12
Scar: 7
Rose: 0
Shou Tucker: 0
Nina Tucker: 11
Izumi: 15
Fuhrer King Bradley: 0
Lust: 12
Gluttony: 6
Envy: 6
Sloth: 6
Greed: 10
Wrath: 0
Dante: 0

If this was finished and someone already posted it than I will delete this post. ^-^
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