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Poem - Savage Guard

I think I'm writing my way through the sins. First came Envy, and this is Wrath.
Beccause those who drown in darkness must first fall from the light, and memories bite harder then any word or blow. You can deny the truth, you can deny your self, but you cannot deny your blood. Of a twisted innocence and a hopeless rage.

Disclaimer: I. Don't. Own. FMA.
Kind of rough - Wrath is, for all his power, still a child, and I thought the style appropirate.

Savage Guard

Born of love
Born of hate
From the threshold
Of the Gate.
Wild child
Don't let go
Of the love
You cannot show.

Child of shadow
Of the storm
Labeled naming
Still forlorn.
Rage is all
You'll ever know.
Seek a dream
Seek a foe.

Red stone rising
Secret theif
Of a meaning
Of belief.
"One is all
"And all is one."
Still a child
Still her son.
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