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Crack RP?

A note to the lovely and benevolent mods: If this is off-topic, I'm very sorry and please don't hesitate to delete it.

I just went on a search for a crack!Fullmetal Alchemist RP. I managed to find two somewhat promising looking RPs, only to discover that one wasn't what I had been looking for and the other appears to have died out. Now, I am really dying for a good crack!RP, so that leads me to this question: If I created my own Fullmetal Alchemist crack!RP, (Most likely along the lines of an OMG!RP, which is an RP with two sets of characters, the IC, or in character, and the OOC, or out of character. The two casts of characters interact and much crackish chaos ensues.) how many people here would be interested in joining? Also, is there anyone with a whole lot of spare time that would be willing to be my co-mod if I do? I really don't think I would have enough time to perform all of the mod duties on my own.

Again, if this is off-topic, I apologize.

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