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crackish fanfiction

Name: Hagaren Business World
Rating: General
Characters: Roy, Ed, Al, Bradley and Hawkeye (in this chapter, overall it should span pretty much the entire manga cast)
Word Count: 3,256
Genre: Crack
Overview: The employees at King Corporation carry out the tasks given to them by their boss, King Bradley. (the most useless overview ever)
Note: Also includes Illustrations by me~ XD
Note2: A good majority of this story was written when I was hyper. But that does not mean it lacks effort. Has been pre-read by two other people and underwent small editing sprees many times before I got brave enough to post this here.
Dedication: Thank you to my good friends Jen (racheal02) and Katrina for your support and help.

Anyway, follow the fake cut below for the story...or at the very least, for the random illustrations.

Chapter 1 ~Employee of the Month~
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