an indelible stamp of lowly origins (babbled) wrote in fm_alchemist,
an indelible stamp of lowly origins

to the mods (and everybody else): somebody is stealing our layout oh noes

That comment was me.
So her friends say that she obviously made the layout, etc. etc.
Except I edited the image specifically for the fm_alchemist community and believe me when I say I know my own edits. So let me just ask the community what I should do now, since it's not my layout -- it's ours.
I'm not angry. I'm being very reasonable: I'm going to be changing the current layout anyway with new graphics, etc., etc. sooner or later. So is it all right with you guys if I just don't pursue this further? Because I'm not in the mood for graphics drama; they're just pixels. Nobody really cares.


After some deliberation I decided to just let the issue drop. I don't have the time to pursue the topic; RL already gives me enough stress. However, since I'm rather irked by having an identical layout to ours (one that's been edited so poorly too!), I'm in the process of making a new one. Please be patient; it should be up sometime Monday.
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