Kiwi (penfreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

fanart: oekaki art dump

*scratches head* Okay, so when I did my art dump of DOOM earlier, apparently I forgot the majority of my oekaki art. So I'm gonna dump that lot now >.> I'm not including pictures I included in the previous dump.

There's spoilers for the movie. Character appearances only (Ed, Al, Envy). Oh, and an end of series spoiler for a very inaccurate rendition of Envy's anime true form. There's mild Envy/Envy going on here... er, yeah *hides*

(Okay, the blond there is supposed to be Envy's anime true form. The Envy as we know him is... er, scaring the crap out of it :D)

(pencil drawn, uploaded to the oekaki to ink and colour).

The NEXT set of pictures are by VIXIE. They were drawn on my oekaki, but her account was auto-deleted so they don't show anymore ;~; She said I could post 'em :3 There were a few other really cool ones to be deleted... please note that as they are not by me, you will need to track down Vixie and ask permission if you ever want to use them for any reason.

There's a bunch of others on my Oekaki Board. There are a couple I'd love to show that, due to the two month auto-deletion on accounts, don't show on the actual board anymore... but I can't get hold of them to ask permission @_@ But there are some lovely ones on there, particularly by Rhel and Chouffette <3

Oh, and as always, terms of art usage are here.

New artists are always welcome, just acknowledge and obey the rules :P
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