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Speculation, anyone?

People, chapter 55 was incredible on so many levels, and I must have squeeed myself silly at the Ling moments, and I also absolutely loved the plot-development details that got thrown in the middle of the WTF-ness. I hope it's allowed, but I always find it entertaining to speculate on future developments while waiting for new chapters, hence this post.

Right after chapter 53 came out, it looked like Arakawa had given some sort of solution to the Elrics' predicament, and I theorized, half-jokingly, that all they had to do now was get swallowed by Gluttony and go through the same human transmutation Ed did and that would be the end of Al-in-a-thin-can.
How convenient then, that in chapter 55, Glutton has expended all his 'lives' [so to speak] and is lying, moribund, now that this option has become available! Same thing for Envy, whose unwillingness [or incapacity?] to return to his androgynous shape seems to hide something fishy. So, without Glut to be a closer connection to the Gate, or Envy to provide the energy/souls to perform the transmutation, well, this option is pretty much out of the radar. Arakawa is evil alright, but it is also frustrating to see that there might have been a solution right there, and they're missing on it because of it. Speculation Ideas as to what could come on that side?

Second, OMG, the Elrics are going to see Bradley! And who is with Mr. President right now? Hmm. Yup, Mustang himself. The anticipation of it is litterally slaying me. Has anyone seen some sort of foreshadowing or whatever that could indicate what on earth might happen once they all get together? You know, just to keep the wheels turning while chapter 56 is being drawn XD Plus, Roy just had an informal alliance with Ling in chapter 48... how the heck will he react to losing yet another ally with Greedling? This Ling twist could have so much repercussion in the overall plot, it's almost scary XD

And last thing. when I got into the fandom, in september [?], the manga had been on hiatus for a couple of months. I think it was right after chapter 40, and I am now wondering what is the length and frequency of Arakawa's breaks. I know some mangakas will randomly take a break for long periods of time, but others barely take a month off each year. Any idea what Arakawa's working habits are? umeko_pyon has given the irrefutable proof that it would have been mathematically impossible for Arakawa-sensei to take a break at all for the length of FMA's publication. yay for knowledgable people and to no interruption in the storyline ^_^

^^;;; That was a long post, with more questions than I meant when I started. I'd be glad to see what people think about it.

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