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See, I'm contributing now! ^_^

O denizens of fm_alchemist, I bring offerings of fanart; Duelist has discovered artPad!

Two Roys & a Hughes. They're cute, if nothing else. ;D

No, that's not a ketchup and mustard stain that kind of looks like a dinosaur-ish footprint.

Such a cute li'l chibi face.

My best yet! I love this one. That silly grin.

First: That second eyebrow was pointless. xD; Also, his hair is too high, hmm? Ah well.

Second: I only realized I had forgotten the second ear after I had originally finished. ^^;

Third: This time I had forgotten the back of his hair.

It's HARD to write with a mouse, but relatively speaking, it's better than my normal handwriting. XD; Okay, maybe not quite...
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