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It's relevant, I sware! XD

Hello everyone ^_^; I have a bit of a question for everyone, under the cut.

Yes, so... If anyone here is familiar with the game Neverwinter Nights, you know that you can make your own modules and stories. Is anyone interested in a Fullmetal Alchemist module, following the story of the anime? Although there is no option to be an alchemist, you can be a Wizard specializing in Transmutation, which is pretty darn close. So.... does that sound like a good idea? I'd love to work on this, if people are interested in playing it. (If this is a popular idea, I'd also maybe like some people to help me, with areas and other things, finding maps of different places... I'd need actual maps of the places like Lior, Central, etc. you get the idea.) Please comment and let me know if this sounds interesting to you. ♥

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