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Hey all!

Being the restless creature that I am, I needed to do something productive with the excitement that the FMA movie gave me (Ahhh, Ed's outfit makes me happy! *dances* ). Since I don't have a scanner to show off the fanart I've done so far, I thought I'd share this AMV with you instead.

Remember, this is the first music video I've ever done, so any tips, critisim, or praise is accepted!

I apologize for the subs still being on the vid, they're embbeded into the movie I have ^_^;;

Title: The Last Time
Genre: Serious
Music: "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't seen the end of the series/the FMA movie.

The amv can be found on YouTube here:


I'm telling you this right now, the YouTube version is horribly pixilized.

A cleaner version is available for download here:


If the Download Limit runs out (which I doubt, but it can happen), please just email me and I'll happliy make a new one ^_^

If you have the oppurtunity, that's the version I suggest watching. You need a Windows Media Player, though, so the youtube is good if you don't have that.

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