Grygon (grygon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 45 music

In the first few minutes of ep 45 there's a nice piano for about 1min, and then during the flashbacks about 1 minute in a voice comes in singing really pretty and soft, we hear this tune/voice it seems during a few of the homunculi scenes. i recognize the tune but didn't write down each time it is played.

anyways, is there a version of this sad vocal/piano tune on any of the soundtracks?????

EDIT: sis had the ost with the track on it all this time. here both of us had been searching like mad for it and she had it already! she had forgot she had that cd until she saw the cover art for it and then was "hey, that looks familiar...". oy. thanks every one who tried to help. :) it's on OST2 and the theme is repeated tracks 24 through 27 in slightly differing ways.
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