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Daen Doujinshi Post...

'Kay, so I love daen, and other people seem to love daen, too. So, I share my findings. Warning: Material in Cut is Not Worksafe!

In case you missed it before, this stuff is not worksafe! Download at your own risk, and stuff.

Your Love. Found on the community yaoi_daily, scanning courtesy of envylicious. ♥ for her. ^_^

and Kaerimichi. This one's mine... was a Christmas present from the lovely catystorm. ♥ for her, too.

That's all for now... Although I strongly suggest those who enjoy yaoi in general pay a visit to yaoi_daily, it's amazing. Choc full of all kinds of lovely yaoi things. *__* They enforce 18-Only very strongly, as well. *gives them cookies*

In the meantime... I may be getting some more daen stuff in the near future, in which case I shall scan and provide for you guys as soon as possible. ^_^

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