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Theory about Ling, been working on it for a while. Major spoilers for chapters 53/54/55.

Ok, I’ve been working on this, collecting evidence to support it, and ranting about it to my friends (FMA fans and non-FMA fans alike) since chapter 54’s release last month and am finally ready to post my theory. I am now thoroughly convinced that Greed (the new Greed) and Wrath’s integration with Ling and Bradley are completely different.

After we saw the flashback to Bradley’s integration he said that only one soul remained, and he wasn’t sure whose soul that was. Thus Ran Fan viewed Wrath as a “normal human” in terms of sensing his ki, which is completely logical. When Mei Chan came in, she said that Lingreed wasn’t a “normal human” but Scar, conveniently enough, wouldn’t let her say why. But I’m assuming this is due to the fact that he has many souls, therefore his ki is not “normal.” On a smaller scale, when Wrath changed one of his eyes got the uroburos, but the other one remained exactly the same, Ling’s changed color and he has pupils now (I wouldn’t have noticed this if I hadn’t really liked Ling’s eyes before).

But even if these two weren’t true, there is a much more obvious reason than those; Bradley has pre-Wrath memories. He remembers his life before he became a homunculus. Lingreed doesn’t know who Ling was, he knows nothing about Ling with the exception of what Ling told him in their brief conversation. If his integration was the same as Wrath’s why is there such a crucial difference? Ed keeps saying that Ling is “in there” and I’m sure that he is, soul, untouched and intact, just completely useless. But, for once, I’ve figured it out before Ed, I’m so proud of myself. Ha! Ed: 467 Allison: 1. Woot! Never mind that I’ve had longer to think about it in real time! I don’t care! I win!

Sorry, I needed that. As for what this means in terms of the plot, I have no idea, I’m not Hiromu after all, I’m not quite sure why it’s different, maybe it won’t kill Ling to take Greed out. I’m really sad that Greed different now though maybe the old Greed is somewhere in there too.

I just hope I’m not stating the obvious, because then I’ll feel really stupid, that’s what usually prevents me from posting theories, but I’m tired of not posting stuff, then being proven right, and everyone being shocked about it. But do tell me if I am stating the obvious, because then I’ll just delete this, no need to waste space. Oh, and if I'm wrong, I'll cry; feel dumb and cry.

-Dende-sama was here.

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