Kylie (keysha_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Another topic on ordering the FMA Movie DVD.

I feel like an utter idiot asking things like this, but I figured someone could help me.

After catching the FMA Movie in theaters in Hong Kong today (Which I admit I only went to for the animation - no offence to those who watch FMA in Cantonese, but I can't stand the voices in the dub!) - Mum agreed to buy the movie for me from Amazon Japan (I know other places are selling it...but my mum is a person who only trusts Amazon with her credit card details online).

ANYHOW - I heard that they were releasing a 2-disc edition of the movie, which also included English subtitles. Searching through Amazon, I came across the movie, but I'm not sure if it's the two-disc version or the single-disc one (Which I was told does not include the subtitles).

Is this the DVD I'm after:

Or if not, could someone give me the link to the one I need, please? ^_^ Ordering it is no probs, since the site is happy to go-english when it comes to payment time (funny that, huh? XD). Any help would be wonderful, thanks so much!
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