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National Alchemist RPG

We announced this before, but I figured it was worth it since the plot has been decided on.

Three years after the incident that is now known as "The Awakening," in which two heretics nearly destroyed the peace of the City of Miracles, the Holy Order of Leto has egun its campaign of salvation. Lead by the benevolent High Priest and his three Apostles, the Order seeks to spread the worship of the Sung God through any means necessary. With the fearsome Sirens lead by the dark beauty Lust, the ravenous Berserkers lead by the child-like Gluttony, and the Divine Alchemists led by the mercurial Envy, Lior City's army has swepth across the land, destroying all who oppose. In the shadows of the holy fervor, the Seven Sins are gathering.

Facing the forces of Leto, the National Military has committed its major forces to stopping the Holy Order of Leto. The most important faction of the military, and the section most often sent to battle, is the National Alchemists. Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist, has been placed under the command of the newly promoted Flame Alchemist, General Roy Mustang. Together, the two are the most feared soldiers in the army, known to many as the Deadly Cross [or something that doesn't sound so DUMB]. Alphonse Elric, devoted brother of Edward, has followed his sibling onto the battlefield to protect the free people of the land.

Now, after nearly half a year of fighting, Mustang's command has been recalled to Central City for a much needed leave. All is not as peaceful as it my seem, however; as the mysterious Scar has left the mark of his distinctive kills in West City, one of the Seven Sins has been sighted too near Central for anyone's comfort.

Applications go to Information can be found here for rules, application information, and taken characters..

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