Tiny Destroyer of Humankind (squirrelarmy) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Tiny Destroyer of Humankind

Fanfic, "College!Fic"

Title: The Story Where They're Brothers But Don't Know It... AT COLLEGE (Part 3)
Subtitle: My Story, Like The College In The Story, Has No Name or College!Fic
Title Credit: ryverstar, because somewhere along the line she borrowed my soul and never bothered to give it back.
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Warnings: Swearing, College, omg sexist jokes.
Backstory: See Part 0 for the um, start of the story. ^_^
Written for: rinnia, who asked for "AU Ed/Al. It's alright if they're not brothers in the fic, and it's also alright if they're still related. Personally? I like schooltime fics, what with the drama of classes and all. High school is good, but college is better, especially with the issues of roommates in dorms."
Previous Parts: Part 0 :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Note: And if anyone was offended by the gendered jokes on Winry's class choice: c'mon. It's Winry. Ed's amusement is more than valid.

( It was Tuesday morning at around 11:30, and Ed found himself in what could possibly be described at the Most Boring Class Ever. )

Enjoy! ♥
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